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  • mmmmaybenot mmmmaybenot Jun 1, 2004 9:44 PM Flag


    by homeland security awarded to....give you a clue....wasn't mrkl. shucks.

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    • well, got the dd base covered already, as you can tell from the copy/pastes i share as available (i must miss those you provide?). i'll even share another experience with not get too GREEDY. it's great to play a few bounces, but you HAVE to know when the cat has a fork in it! just think of all the money you could be investing in your other HOT picks if you would have bailed on mrkl @ $1.40. instead, you're still here sharing all YOUR dd like "go sweet mrkl!" to use a phrase from your longlost girlfriend, you're posts give the impression that "i'm in your head." .DON"T GET ALL EMOTIONAL on me now....and, from all your dd and expertise, again, your thoughts on how aquisition money could be generated? tia.

    • The best advice i can give you is, do your own DD. That is the best way to learn.
      Are you in pain yet. Outch,thats got to hurt

    • hey, hey, hey, you're way too emotional again.. remember, that's not a good trait for a "real investor". i'm trying to share experience with you, but you just refuse to listen. now if you really are a "real investor", perhaps you could advise us losers about the pros AND cons of being listed on the BSE, and what effect it can have on volume/pps? tia.

    • did anybody read the 8-K before buying shares yesterday? reminds me of the pied piper! LMAO.

    • can't wait. you know, i had to take a second to reflect upon what a great gang we have here: 1) a post receives 2 recs(#5591) a day early before a standard conference( let's face it, you bagholders are praying for this one to be your, then gets pumped again th next day. 2) multiple aliases bashing each other for the same thing(nanner,nanner,nanner) 3) funny how mrkl is now "chart and T/A free. 4) 2 people believe in OTC ah price and volume 5) insider sales and dumping right in your face, yet nobody else posts any financial info. 6) throw in some dilution......and you'll be here pumping the crap out of this tomorrow... now, who are the idiots here? i've got to believe if this pos EVER hits a buck again, you're sorry butts will be out of here before the "paint" dries for the next trading day....and don't give me this "plasmass antenna" garbage.

    • I am enjoying all of your picks by the must be making bank. Get off the library computer and go back to the homeless shelter, they are serving your breakfast.

    • hmmmm. think i still have a right... don't tell me you're stuck in emrg, too? hee-yuk-yuk-yuk! you sure can pick 'em. go chart something on artx. might be some new suckers there.

    • hmmmmm.....can you chart artx and mrkl for me? show me the ballsinyourhands bands. you didn't bail on artx either? hee-yuk-yuk-yuk. RFLMAO.

    • real interesting today! volume and declining pps? uh-oh.

    • ok. almost double volume, 11% drop in pps. yowweee! classhopper, as yogi would say, "just like deja vu all over again". as far as buyout speculation, don't you think there would have been at least a little runup, not a dump, if any real investors would have thought that rumor was true?

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