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  • meebymeeby meebymeeby Aug 21, 2004 10:54 PM Flag

    Hey AVA

    that be bein me that called him out. believe me, i've seen most of his game already. and his boy pauley(anna), haven't seen too much of him since his field trip. nobody seemed real interested in pursuing that any further, and cookies for everybody seemed to make them forget it. did you pick up on the dam1's vacation coinciding with pauleyannna's brief disappearance? hmmmm?. noticed you haven't referenced this board...and i respect your decision. touche...your logic prevails over my emotion on that one. i'd bet he knows about this board already, but he doesn't get paid enough to cover this one, too, nor have the time since he has to spend his energy there convincing everybody he's their best bud. maybe a pit bull in "labrador" suit?. i'm sure you get that one. i'll check out iotn. your ability to handle yourself with dignity has gained my respect(i'll forget the pee-pee and diaper thing. thought your were analstaj1's aunt there for awhile!) buenos noche.