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  • dontgetityet dontgetityet Aug 24, 2004 12:40 PM Flag

    Hey, hey ,hey

    Let's settle down. What are you bullies doing chasing Ava down the street throwing things at her.

    What is a real definition of a "Pumper"? It has to go beyond saying something positive about a stock or everyone would be a pumper.

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    • Rambler,

      I do have a large stake in Mrkl---probably larger than I should have.

      But, really, ezy_pa is not a bad deal.

      For quite a long time I held approx. 3700 shares of usg-pr ( which turned into ezy_pa) at an average of $14.00 a share ($51,800). It paid $724.46 a month div or $8,693.52 a year.

      So, now I have about 3000 shares of ezy-pa at an average of $7.40 a share ( it keeps coming down), So, I have a $22,200 investment). I am just hope they will pay the divs at some time in the future which will be $587.40 a month or $7,048.80 a year. That's some investment , if it works.

      I am simple----maybe I am not looking at it right but I buy stocks with a much worse outlook than easy gardener and so I am willing to risk the $22 thou. Look, when Ezy settles this, maybe it will go up to $22.00 again. Wishful thinking or a Good posssibity--I see the glass half full!!
      - - - - -

    • See there you go not listening again. Never said I was protecting her, only said I was sick of you whining.....cause for the record I think MRKL and EZY_PA are complete sh!t as well. Just dont feel the need to bitch everytime they are brought up. Once was fine, by the time you got around to the 10th it was pretty annoying.....getting it yet?

    • I'm enjoying this myself LOVERBOY, watching you and the others protecting Little miss BIG mouth, You guys are my HERO!

    • When did I ask for a story?

      This is a stock message board, not a redneck domestic abuse board

      I never I said I was a hero (If I ever catch myself doing something like that I be liable to kick my own ass), I'm just not a big fan of little whiney guys like you that can't take a few hits (from a woman no less) without swearing up a storm and actling like someone just ran away with your pacifier.

      Just trying to help you keep a little dignity and stop while you are already way behind.

    • Hey you must be a pretty good investor taking advice from people you don't even know? LOL Try doing your own work

    • No I can tell that you are the type of guy that gets beat up from other guys because you stick your nose in where it don't belong! You know the type i'm talking about, I had a friend just like you, One night in front of a bar some guy was smacking his ole lady around and my friend wanted to go and help her, And i told him don't bother she probably is the type that never shuts her mouth, So he says Nah Paulie it's not right! I even told him if it would make him feel better to call a cop But did he listen? NOooo! So he goes to stop the fight and the lady starts jumping him scratching him punching him then the guy starts to go at him So I had to get involved in something that i warned him about. all because he had to be a hero!!

    • Paulie you are proving yourself to be an idiot. I don't write that often but I have to show support for ava as in the past she makes a lot of business sense. You dude make no sense at all. Now you are attacking others.
      Ava baby----intersting last post. Try and ignore the bum---he's a lowlife and not worth your time. Please keep your posts coming as I appreciate your views.

    • I must give you one thing though, you are pretty orignial doing the old I know you are but what am I routine, but hey what ever gets you through the day "tough guy"

    • I hear you tough guy, Man you really must be starving for attention to keep posting your BS as well, I think you just like reading my posts cause you just don't stop answering them? Nice name you got RAMBLER!!! I guess that kind of explains why you keep talking! Your like an old wash women that sticks her nose in other peoples business, But the again people that RAMBLE usally do starve for attention

    • Actually its more like there was a whole lot less b*tching and whining on this board before you got on here. Now its a non stop soap opera and you can't seem to let go. Ava has put you in your place numerous times and everytime you try and rebut its like beating a dead horse.....C*nt this F that, You are calling me names...blah blah blah I am a jacka$$

      Your nothing but a whiner

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