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  • dontgetityet dontgetityet Jan 6, 2005 12:27 PM Flag

    Platform setup


    I searched and searched for the message where you discussed what you have on your screen during the day but I couldn't find it.

    If you get a chance can you advise as to what particulars are "essentials" to have up on the screen?

    I got onto scottrade elite today and got overwhelmed with the amount of info available. Meeby, didn't you just recently get onto an advanced program also? It takes a while to sort through it all and get it set up and usable.

    LevelII is an extra $10 set-up and $10/month unless you do 10 trades in the month. Not going to get that set up until I have the other things figured out.

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    • I set up a Quote Grid with multiple lists to choose from. So many symbols, so little time.
      I added a chart linked to the symbol of choice with volume, 3 SMA's - 20-50-200. Can add rsi,adx,macd,and others but they take up space. I can add them to another screen and switch over for research on particular symbol when needed.
      Added chart with DJI and COMP on it, Hi/Lo, and top performers, I have a chart mostly hidden for anything interesting on hi/lo or top perf. to pull up real quick.
      Things get pretty crowded and can get info overload and lost in the shuffle but finding faster and more complete when needed.

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      • There can be an overload of info on trading platforms, you need to find what you need in order to trade according to an approach/plan (you have one, right?).

        My set up has 4 pages, so I can toggle from page to page, the first page is my trading turret, got the order entry, order status, portfolio watchlist, active watchlist, hi/lo ticker, and one chart (light gray backgroud with a darker gray for the grid lines, with red and green candles with black tails (red body for down, green body for up movements-a candle can be composed of a body and a tail), red for the 200 sma, blue for the 50 sma, yellow for the 20 sma, and black for volume). I can type in any symbol (and the chart remembers the last 5 symbols, so a menu is created that I can chose from, so calling up a new chart is almost instant).

        I will have the highest percentage loser and gainers window open (over the watchlist) in the premarket, and then will shrink it when the market opens, it will go to the bottom of the screen (keep a couple of inches free at the bottom for these shrunken windows/icons)

        On the other pages I have charts with the same setup, and during lulls, will check them out.

        Active watchlist has my stable of trading stocks, major indices (dow, spx, nas, sox, xau, btk, etc.) also TICK (indicator for oversold/overbought for the general market, maybe VIX and TRIN, though I find all three of these last symbols to be superfluous if I am reading the tape.

        This is my setup, you need to find one that supports your approach to trading.

        Please print this off, because I ain't going to repeat this stuff

      • Also have a virtual account of $100,000 to paper trade with but one has to be very careful to know which account you are using.

        Didn't get much trading done because of the new system and nothing seemed like a very good play from what I did see.

        Very interested in QQQ being at support and NEM down at support also. SHould you wait till open to buy or can you buy at support before close and wait overnight to take advantage of the open?