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  • dontgetityet dontgetityet Jan 6, 2005 10:57 PM Flag

    Yahoo IM

    TRied to IM both of you today.

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    • dont--just getting familiar with my new active platform has been quite a challenge, in addition,since i'm giving this full-time dedication, the stakes are much higher than a couple days per week,or couple hours per day....i plan on checking in here a couple times per day and evenings to see if anybody else but meeby has new ideas to share, but i now need to organize my time with my concerns primary...seems most of the "ideas" i bring here are usually left "undeveloped" anyway, and i have to take care of first things first...example--this week i lost .50 per share bringing cptc to the board by the time i got back to my platform..since most of the picks here are same old hash warmed over, my personal "profile" has got to change if i'm going to maximize my efforts to be successful....finding the best way to learn is by making my own mistakes, analyzing them, and having plan B's...quite honestly, "group dependency" is not goung to enable me to do that...will touch base later, gotta get to the platform..peas out.

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      • I agree, that is the same message I got from Hogwash. We had some fun those last two weeks of the year but that certainly isn't going to be the status quo. I have to go back and work at my job so I wouldn't be bothering you two anyhow. No biggie, we will keep in touch off hours.

        Did you make the switch to full-time trading?

        I loaded the IM and knew you and Hog were talking about it so I added your names and sent messages but nobody responded. Lat night I was playing Yahoo Pool when one of the names of the players was "they_eat_children" HA! I thought maybe that was your covert ID so I message them too. Haven't gotten any answer but I was at the screen this morning pre-market and your name popped up as available.

        Doesn't matter, I really dislike IM'ing from watching my girls with thier faces stuck to the screen. If it was going to be useful I would have tried it but, if not-then not.

        Write at you later!

    • sorry if the following may cause hurt feelings on your part, Don't, but after reloading IM after an absence of a couple of years, I got flooded with IM's (and it does seem to interfer with my trading platform which got stuck several times yesterday), so I weeded down my list of friends, and selected the ignore any message from a person not on the list feature. I have no intention at this point to add any new people to the list. I am truly sorry, but I am not superwoman. I will continue responding to your posts before and after hours and during the weekend. I am on a month trial period with my new focus, and that is the number one priority for me.