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  • hogwash012002 hogwash012002 Jan 19, 2005 8:10 AM Flag


    great article on pulling the trigger, about the elements of entering a trade. On Farley's site, on the bottom, there are several articles, including the pulling the trigger one. Great reading for you.

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    • Thanks for the article and for thinking of me when you read it (i think that's good). I copied it to a word document and printed it for reading later tonight.

      I am also reading through "Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader", again. Many of the topics have a familiar ring to your advice.

      Talked to Meeby yesterday, have been thinking of contacting you again but have held off through this month per your request. Been too busy to be active. But here is a hot tip for you. "GT announcements next week" ( I live near Akron) For what it is worth.

      Peace Out!

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      • too funny..dont, where you live? i was born in Akron...."get" my Dad/GT connection now?..peas out

      • sorry, don't, I never trade on a 'hot' tip. Make sure you got a stop loss plan for the 'hot' tip. If it is going up because of expected good news, and if the good news comes out, it will get sold off--the sell the news effect; and if it does not have the good news, it will get sold off also. Could go da moon, who knows, but have a stop loss plan in place. GT does have a very strong chart, but that can change in a flash so be prepared.

        Keep reading, and trading with a plan. Market is a bit hard on longs held longer than a day right now.

        Doubt I will receive any message as I got everybody not on my weeded down friends list on the ignore selection. Glad you were able to chat with Meeby.