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  • sfsos2000 sfsos2000 Jul 22, 2008 1:21 PM Flag


    I've never understood how the big boys do it: for zillionth time in my memory, price of gold was up nicely all nite long overseas, but then the second NY opened this AM, they drop it straight down, 30 bucks.
    WTF, How they do that?

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    • Hmmmmm...not sure...but this I'm fairly certain about - Gold is going to 1200, maybe 1300ish in the next few months.

      I wouldn't be surprized to see another bank surface to the top like a dead fish. The dollar looks like she has topped on the 10 day short term chart.

      Dollar was talked up this AM...folks, hold on to your blessing. DGP will pay off...see you at 1250ish...

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      • I have heard rumor that the fed is artificially keeping gold surpressed to
        give the appearance that inflation is under control.
        we know the dollar is in freefall and the fed is printing them like confiti which
        is all it will be good for if they keep this up.

        In the long run the market will overcome this and gold will again
        "Be as good as Gold " :)

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