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  • art_vandelay_7 art_vandelay_7 Apr 28, 2010 4:38 PM Flag

    Naked shorts

    They sure must have been busy today. I hope they remember to clothe themselves before they leave the office.

    Down on an up day for the market. Is that a sign of strength, Tramp?

    I'm sure if you look closely, you'll be able to see the Naked Short symbol in the sky tonight. For the uninitiated, when Parsad needs to summon his followers for a battle with the naked shorts, he flashed the Naked Short symbol in the sky (much like Batman had the Bat signal).

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    • STFU you racist POS. I'm getting really really tired of you and your spew of filth all day long. You've got what you wanted. No intelligent posters want to post here anymore because of absolute imbeciles like yourself just fill up the board with garbage and bashing all day long. Fact is is that Parsad has probably forgotten more about investing than you will ever know. You are just envious and envy is the worst of the deadliest sins because there's no upside to it. That makes you a loser. LOSER! Racist SOB that's mad that Indians actually make better burgers than fat fast food Americans. You McDonalds pump. That stock is going nowhere. Parsad has achieved way faster growth at SNS than your fat management and most Americans now realize that the burgers are the best in the world and that when we get the franchises going we'll expand out even faster and faster. Now here's the 64 thousand dollar question for you, how do you think your short position is going to work out then? Cover if you know what's good for you. Because the only way you guys keep this down is by naked shorting and distorting the truth. It wont work for long. Parsad took out Cohen and I'm sure he'll have no problem handling a small time thug like yourself. We're not scared of you so don't think you can intimidate us. Look what happened to Tid Man. Parsad figured out who he was, and he'll figure out who you are soon too. Then you won't talk so big and strong and muscular. You tight freak. Eat me. You just got served beotch.

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