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  • gable005 gable005 Jan 17, 2011 8:39 AM Flag

    Buffett never does hostile takeovers

    and clearly Biglari's Freemont deal ia very hostile.

    Freemont obviously dislikes Biglari and his dictatorial style of management. I think they will find a way to rebuff him.

    Biglari screwed up when he strayed from the Warren Buffett model of management because now some other companies don't want to be owned under his control.

    Biglari is a pretty good stock picker but trying to build a mini=Berkshire Hathaway under his ego driven named Biglari Holdings is going to be very difficult.

    Good luck to all players. This is fun to watch. Biglari is no Buffett. Not close. But smart.

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    • I used to go by the name Smacy's, now you can call me

    • Everytime bhsoopertramp talks about how rich, smart and good looking he is, I can't help but think of those two guys on the Metro PCS commercials.

    • We can only hope to be so lucky that you "step away". My guess is that your dad said no more internet while working the counter at his 7-11.

    • I need to step away from this board for a while. While everyone here hates when we call them out as racist, sure enough their hatred and obvious racism come out. Den567's remarks are scathing, completely over the top. Unjustified.

      While I am typical of most Indians - rich, intelligent, good looking, very successful, drive nice cars - these remarks are still offensive. I will continue to seek counseling, as being victimized by racism still carries scars and wounds from several generations, even as my family moved to Canada almost half a century ago.

      You all should be either offended yourselves or ashamed. It is a sad day. To not recognize our superiority is one thing, but to constantly write racist remarks is ridiculous.

      I will continue to increase my vast wealth based on the great Indian investor and CEO Sardar Biglari, I only hope you continue to short and lose more money.

    • You clearly don't know what you're talking about as the acquisition of Berkshire Hathaway itself was a hostile takeover by Buffett to spite it's former CEO Seabury Stanton of trying to sucker Buffett out of an eighth of a point on a tender offer.

      Read a little more.

    • I have mentioned 500x here but you fat circus clowns still mess this up. Much of the smoother, bigger deals are from Ajit. Buffett has actually been hostile on many occassions, read your history bozo.

      Mr. Biglari is making all the right moves. Still can't believe the haters after such awesome performance. It is a head scratcher, unless you realize the audience. Either naked shorts or racist or stupid.

      You should be ripping the managers at Fremont, they are the true disgrace. But why let intelligence get in the way you pig.

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      • First let me say that I think Biglari and his team have done a great job with SNS.

        Having said that, any and all comparisons between Biglari and Warren Buffett are patendly absurd.

        First and foremost, Buffet was a brilliant investor. He generated oustized returns with his partnership for an extended period of time prior to utilizing the corporate Berkshire structure.

        Biglari (and his team) are good at increasing the productivity at restaurants, but Biglari has not proven himself as a stock picker in any way, shape or form.

        Biglari ran a partnership and you can look up his performance record, it was average at best. First and foremost, anyone who will be the “next Buffett” must produce above market returns for an extended period, Biglari hasn’t done that, not even close. The other comparisons (his personality, style, etc) are all secondary to this.

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