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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Feb 1, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    CBRL versus BH performance since 8/8

    Around 8/8 I posted asking which was the better buy. My post has since been removed for unrelated reasons but I thought today would be a good time to revisit the issue.

    At the time, I was seriously considering buying CBRL but opted not to because I already have a large BH position and they should perform similarly.

    Turns out, CBRL has done much better.

    Since the 8/8 closing prices.

    BH +26.62% $315.88 to $399.98
    CBRL +38.92% $38.49 to $53.40

    Turns out that I should have been buying both stocks with both fists.

    Hard to know that back then.

    Will be interesting to see where we go from here.

    Im not buying CBRL at current prices, thats for sure.

    And since I last bought BH at $301.01, my next BH trade is likely to be a small sell order. (Around $450ish is the plan)

    Ive done well with BH long term as well as a few swing trades with a small portion of my position.

    Prior to the big run up where I made most of my profits, Ive bought BH at $283, sold at $400, sold at $450, bought at $375 and bought at $301.

    The bulk of my position is for the long term which I define as at the very least 5 years and probably 7-15 or longer.

    On the other side of the coin, bashers like Art and his various other monikers have been SO wrong that I get a big kick out of it !

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    • I began my BH position with Western Sizzlin back when. Have built it up to a $600,000 position in my portfolio and do not intend to sell one share, or to trade in or out. Long Term Holder.

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      • I did too. I happened to buy WSZZ just a few weeks or months before Sardar got control. So I bought that stock without knowing anything about him.

        Later, when he was going for control of SNS I started buying and it kept going to down, he got control & I kept buying so Ive made a lot of money on a % basis. Its a large position for me but not as large as yours.

        I dont have the balls to concentrate as much as Biglari does.

        So i cling to my deep diversification which has served me well for many years.

        Also have a very small positon in CAW which is dead in the water. Thats one thats probably going to take a few more years before he ca oust the hangers on. I expect he will eventually get control of it too and probably roll it into BH.

        Hopefully at a premium to current prices.

    • The increase in CBRL stock price is totally due to the pressure applied by the Iranian. All CBRL stockholders have benefited greatly.

      Otherwise they would have shares in a folksy themed restaurant chain that has declining traffice, average aged customer around 90+ and limited growth.

      All CBRL shareholders should thank Mr. Big for efforts to unleash the value "trapped" by current CBRL management.

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