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  • mikhail_gorbachev_1 mikhail_gorbachev_1 Jun 17, 2003 10:07 PM Flag

    You, my comrad, are Delusional..

    I see this a lot of this on U.S.A. stock boards.. I have learned many things from you Yankees.. Some, like you, not good..


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    • hated and blamed men in the former USSR. You know how badly they blame him for Peristroika and the fall of communism. He is almost solely responsible for the collapse of the USSR in Soviet eyes. Having been there and seen what goes on there(including corruption and theft that would make the US mafia blush), you picked a poor name. Lets see the most hated man in Russian History is Stalin, then comes Gorby second, then comes Putin a close third(remember Putin is a former KGB operative in Eastern Europe). Lenin is thought of pretty well there, you can have your pic taken with him in Red Square. But they do not remember, or fail to, that Lenin was the man who started the Gulags, the first one being in St. Petersberg called Smolinsky I believe. It is also amazing to me that Bush went to Germany and Auschwitz this time and remember those people killed by Hitler in the gas chambers. He then went to St. Petersberg and did not even mention the millions killed in the Gulags almost where he was standing. Amazing to me since Russia might have killed many millions more than were killed in Germany. Lenin was the original assasin in Russia, Stalin just carried it a lot further.

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