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  • brotherz29 brotherz29 Feb 13, 2006 6:07 PM Flag


    You'r earlier post. No individual invester got in at the 200dma of 55.12.I'ts safe to say you don't have much experience on 50 dma or 200dma. Most people would not make an attempt to hit 55.12 on the noise with a $55.00 stock.

    They put their orders in ahead of time an give the man on the floor a little room like .25-.30 to play with. Which is why the instituions gobbled it up at 55.25 and drove it to 58.08. So what is your point?

    I've yet to recommed a buy on unh until the weekly cross over. I took out 500 shares at 58.26 when the full sto hit the .50. Had a nice trend at that level for a move up. You and I we're both 3 points off. So please don't preach to me, As previously posted I will enter 1000 shares at the weekly cross over and will post it at that time.

    Now it sounds to me that you and I love a challange,so why don't WE get it on with a speculation play. I'll go first ticker <tre> very well managed the ceo Jim Sinclair is heavely invested him self,and is one if not the best when it comes to gold. He also fits very well with the tanzanian govt. Where all of tre's gold exploration's are.

    Tre is a land owner of gold and collects royalties. He also has his own web site,with his method of trading at .jimsinclair's mine I'm in at 5.65 holdes 50dma well.I believe this is an easy 50% ter from here. If it breaks 7.50 there is no resitence. I'm sure you know what that means.

    Looking foward to here from you my best Bro.

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