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  • fjackny99 fjackny99 May 12, 2009 3:38 PM Flag

    Congresswomen admits Obama plan will destroy private health insurance

    Government will not run a new system to cover the uninsured!

    Let me repeat this for the dense.

    Government will not run a new system to cover the uninsured!

    • are correct government will not run a new system to cover the uninsured ....THEY ALREADY ARE!!!!! What they are talking about is expanding that already insidious policy of letting in 12M illegals and paying for their healthcare and education FOR A VOTE and collapsing the system...Im sorry "undocumented workers"... not only allowed in by BUSH in record numbers but will be expanded further by the fruitloop liberals who completely control congress
      We are spneding 15% of our GDP on healthcare and it can only go up with more government involvement and porous borders that this congress refuses to shut down.
      Dont worry however the SS trust fund runs out in 2016, that was partially funding this scam and we start collecting less than what is paid out...reduced SS beneits and health benefits are inevidable as we march toward socialism and become attached to the tit of government....250 years of freedom and independence will be wiped out in one presidency ..refuge in Texas is looking better and better to me..hook em horns!!! yeee haaa

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