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  • smkpit smkpit Jul 8, 2009 2:21 PM Flag

    Hospital give up 155 Billion in Payments

    of medicare and medicaid, to Obama's health program
    That means if your on medicare or medicaid, your services
    will be cut by the hospitals, because if they dont get paid
    for those services you wont get them.
    Then Obama's smoke ans mirror health care program will take
    that savings to cover those who dont have insurance.
    Now still up in the air is taxing your total medical costs
    on services you receive for health care, that money will also
    then be uaed to cover the costs for those who dont have insurance.
    These preposals are in the new healthcare program they are trying
    to get passed, that no one will know or understand as even the
    congress dont read their bills

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