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  • atrue42long atrue42long Sep 6, 2009 7:18 PM Flag

    Public Option Dead

    yep Hana...I agree, but he is my President and I can't change that for the next 4 years, so.....I have to hope he gets pulled back to center...

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    • Today i talked to the Franken staffer who writes his healthcare blurbs... she said "of course we understand that the "public option based on medicare rates" is an unworkable idea, look at our literature we don't suggest that at all"
      and the new "organizing for america" poster dosen't mention the public option at all. I asked the young woman at the "organizing for America" table at the fair "is this poster brand new?" ,,,,"yes, we don't even have flyers to match it yet".... "do you think that a public option based on medicare rates is a good idea?".... "yes, thats the fastest way to positive change!".... "do you understand that medicare pays less than the going rate and all the excess expense is shifted to the private payers?, that the private payers subsidize medicare and medicaid?".... "I don't really know much about that, I'm just for the public option cause people pay too much."
      Yup. they're right on it, they have no idea what they are talking about and yet they think anyone who questions anything they say out loud is an idiot. It's like letting a drunken teenager drive about in the family car... not a good idea.
      If you raise any concerns you are a... how do you say it?.. ah yes,.... misinformed senior.
      Best regards

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