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  • luke22555 luke22555 May 14, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    Stockholders- Have you noticed

    This is the most worthless insurance company in the industry, look around and see how many Doctors or even hospitals will not take this coverage. It may be a short term gain for stockholders, but in the long term it will hurt. How many times has this company been worked on the edges of corruption. When you have one of the largest hospitals in Greenville, North Carolina not taking their insurance this should speak volumes. This is one of the best hospitals in North Carolina and they will not touch this company. This is just one story, take the time to look around and see how many hospitals or Doctors that refuse this company. It is time to start a boycott of this company. It continues to be corrupt and this corruption is being supported by the stockholders.

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    • Or Billy McGreed at $1.6 Billion per person

    • From my experience, I'd bet that your Greenville hospital is probably screwing over ot's customers and expecting the insurance company to do it's dirty work.
      As the hospitals merge and raise their prices it's their customers who get screwed. Intelligent customers will realize that the insurers will occasionally need to stop working with overpriced providers in order to keep down premiums.
      Good luck

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      • I have continued my research, yes the hospital network has some issues, but they blame it on United not paying on time, only paying a partial amount after being approved, or not paying at all. This is the same experience I had in my home town when talking to Doctors, this company cannot be trusted and has major issues with making payments to cover their bottom line. Stay away from buying this stock, I am against the Obama plan, but this is exactly why it passed

      • No actually the insurance company tried to screw the hospital and they would not stand for the action and would not deal with company. I had this company before and when I went for a procedure I was told, if you were not a long term patient it would not be accepted. United Health Insurance is like having a black eye, what I don't understand is how they get support from stockholders and worse yet the administration.

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