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  • hd2012sgc96ci hd2012sgc96ci Jul 3, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    My Hlth Insurance plan expires 7/31/2013; my new premium thru 12/31/2013 is +23%!!!!

    and then it will increase again per ObamaCare pray tell me...these insurers can charge me anything they want, gouge me to The Max going into 1/1/2014 knowing that I have no choice but to pay since looking for a new insurer at this point would be a fruitless waste of time.

    Were our elected officials that stupid to allow this gouging loophole to exploited?
    Frickin' Crooks everywhere!

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    • "insurers can charge me anything they want"

      You seem to forget that insurance rates are regulated by your state department of insurance.

    • Sounds like you will benefit from the NEW healthcare exchanges...............RomneyCare works in will work Nationwide as well

    • They just raised us 19% starting 8/1 now my wife and I pay over $2,200 a month or $25,000 a year for an HMO and thats before $30 copays and 50% on prescriptions. So in the last 4 years we went from $16K to 25K a year 9K increase since Obama took office. Where the hell is the controls on these insurance companies.

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      • the money we have to pay for health care is not going into health care, its going into the stock holders pockets!!!!!! Do the people on this board think otherwise? If they do, they are brainwashed...the people that made a presentation (don't want to say who) came driving up in big suv's, look at what these groups pay their people to come in and take away from employees, I know people out in the factories that are hard workers that can't afford these kind of premiums..i am telling all of you, these health care company's and oil and gas company's don't care, they do not give a #$%$ about anyone but themselves. ITS GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!! and always will be, we have not seen anything yet.

    • emptydata Jul 7, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

      Just wait til you see what is becomes on 1/1/14 thanks to Obamacare...

    • They can charge anything they want. I was on cobra for 18 months, the first 9 months were $300 a month, the last 9 months were $800 month. We had to get an individual policy and it was $1250 monthly, just about killed us, almost got sick to my stomach it took almost all our savings, I won't go into why my boss back stabbed me and lost my job, that's another story. Just recently got another job with benefits back in November, I just turned 60 and was very fortunate. When I was unemployed and trying to get us on an individual plan, they said it would be a 50% up charge, guess it was our age. These people might not pay here on this earth, but they will when they meet their maker......No body has ever gave me anything, I've had to work hard if I've wanted anything. Ask the @#@@ on this board what color their spoon was? Probably SILVER!!!!

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