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  • drcas drcas Nov 17, 2011 4:57 PM Flag

    No one selling, only buyers.

    Don't hold your breath. It's a long, long shot. I'm long and hoping

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    • Its not that long of a shot....

      I know only 5% of drugs make it through to become a drug, but the preclinical have been outstanding. The science has been worked on since the early 70's (they couldnt figure out why) and now they are applying it.

      Toxicity is the biggest concern, however, even if it turns out to be toxic in small quantities it will be used in combination therapy.

      we are all hoping for the holy grail of cancer drugs, which is a long shot...but it is very very probably this will be used in some fashion.

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      • I hope you are right. Where do you think the stock could trade up to if there are positive results from the phase I trial released in January. Is it reasonable to assume they will have some results in Jan 2012? Seems very quick to me, I actually expect them later. Maybe March - April, depending on the speed of enrollment.

        Given the fact that no matter how good the results, SNT needs to raise cash. Where do you think the trading range could be?

        Thanks for your thoughts!