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  • investora2z investora2z Mar 3, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    Increase in authorized capital and reverse split

    The agenda items in the proxy (annual meeting on 28th march) include a proposal to increase authorized capital and also go for a reverse split to consolidate the shares. If approved, these two changes would make the stock price increase due to consolidation and soften due to dilution. The split is likely to be around 1:20 otherwise it would not be of much use as the current market price of the stock is $0.09. Based on this ratio, the overall impact of these two changes put together would make the stock price go up substantially. The inherent value remains the same but consolidation usually brings in bigger investors into play and the volume of trading in the stock increases. This in-turn helps in getting more investors / trader participation, and the cycle continues, subject, of course, to fundamental strength or potential of the company. The increased price of SNTI may make a future listing on NYSE or other exchanges easier. Now, all this is fine but, as mentioned above, what matters is the business prospect of Senesco. Results of its research in treatment of cancer / inflammatory diseases and also in agriculture to increase productivity of fruits & other crops has been encouraging. Their product candidates, including the one for multiple myeloma (SNS01-T), have shown promise in initial trials with statistically significant results in inhibiting growth and curing of tumors in mice. In addition, the progress on the agricultural research front is also good and it has already licensed its products to agricultural companies which are conducting field trials. However, the main focus is on the human therapeutic research as that has relatively more potential. So far, the founders / promoters / managers / scientists (insiders) have funded operations and, in case outside funding is tapped through the equity route, things may get easier for the company.