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  • longforlongtime longforlongtime Jan 23, 2014 2:16 PM Flag

    Red Chip

    Anyone see the interveiw with Senesco or Frost's? (I missed them)

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    • Well, there is always Frost, but it makes some sense that SNTI wouldn't be too heavily promoted by his camp until the last details of the merger are worked out. There is also relisting which hopefully brings institutional investing, and cohort 4 results. The good news, imo, is that all of these should occur about the same time to generate a swarm of publicity. But we all know/hope for that.

      I'm disappointed but not surprised to see the drift in price. If I could at the moment I'd just accumulate more. I have a VERY hard time imagining being in the red (my average price is about $5.70 I think) after all the things I listed occur. Even prior to cohort 4 results, I will rethink my strategy if we do not at a minimum establish a bottom in the $6-range.

      That said, the interview is pathetic, and has all the tangible optimism of a war crimes tribunal. To think these people are sitting on the most exciting technology for curing cancer. If it signals what the next few months will look like I wish I could just peer into a crystal ball and see if I'm wasting my time before the catalysts kick in, because there definitely are more enticing opportunities on my radar. But each time I leave it's at a low and I always reenter high like an idiot. For all the money I've made trading rollercoasters like SCTY, I've lost as much by not holding steady here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I watched it for a couple of minutes, disgusted by the way Les Browne presents I decided to focus on my other investments for the time being, no show of confidence, no preparation lethargic idiot.

      A small canadian company(IGX) which I invested made me over $30k, heck IGX has a bigger MCAP than Senesco, despite my conviction buy I am down 12k in Senesco despite the humongous potential... Maybe it is wrong to be married to any particular company.

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      • was at Noble conference and attended Les' presentation. have to admit, very, very, uninspiring. he clearly is not comfortable in that role. couldn't tell his good news from his less enthusiastic moments. he is probably great at science, but he should not be let out of the lab. i don't think anyone walked out of that meeting wanting to buy the stock. he did them a favor based upon the recent direction of price. have faith in Frost to generate some strategic moves over the next 2-3 quarters that will justify your investment.

      • "disgusted by the way Les Browne presents" "no preparation lethargic IDIOT, IDIOT."

        Nice summary!

        "Maybe it is wrong to be married to any particular company."

        Only if NO IDIOT run the show, right???

    • No one I know of....stock price is declining on low-volume...not a well known story---as of yet. Lousy market day to boot...might be a good longterm buying and holding opportunity here at these levels! jmo