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  • yahoo yahoo May 11, 2005 10:43 AM Flag

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    • I've read your posts in the past, and the general
      scorn you seem to extract from just about every other
      sane person on the planet, and up to now I've given
      you the benefit of the doubt. But the absolute
      rubbish you've proposed as representative of the FDA's
      likely position on the important issue of
      photosensitivity with PDT agents is unbelievable. I think you
      should go and sit in the sun for a while and get in
      touch with reality!

    • The FDA does not apply simple arithmetic logic in
      the manner you describe. They will select the safety
      period based on data, not simple extrapolation. I agree
      that it is likely that this period may be longer; how
      much longer can be speculated but not stated.

      It was hilarious of you to state "That should be
      relatively clear to anyone with an open and objective mind".
      I suspect that nearly everyone who reads this board
      got a chuckle out of that, perhaps even you. You have
      been, are and always will be a QLTI homer to the
      exclusion of all fact and reality.

      Regarding your
      conclusion that Visudyne is the safest and most convenient
      drug, one might argue that if the MRVT drug requires
      fewer retreatments, it may be more convenient than
      having to truck into the ophthalmologist's office every
      13 weeks, eh?

      Finally, keep on looking stupid
      by claiming that MRVT's drug is 2-3 years away. A
      child could do the math; MRVT's 12 month follow up ends
      in 12/00 and the NDA should be filed next year,
      2001. If you think it will take 1-2 years for the FDA
      to review, fine by me. But you truly are becoming
      more of a simpleton as time goes on.

    • It is my opinion that if photopoint turns out to
      be even slightly better, people will seek it out
      more readily. I think people will do whatever it takes
      to get the most or preserve the most of their
      vision. Who really cares about 5-17 days. People,
      especially older people tend to want the latest and greatest
      treatments anyway(especially if the government is paying for
      it). If Photopoint turns out to be dramatically
      better, the sun-sensitiviy issue becomes a non-issue.
      QLTI stands on shakey ground. If Photopoint prelim
      data looks good, people will rapidly lose confidence
      in Visudyne. If Photopoint results don't shine than
      QLTI will be huge. Just my opinion. Be gentle.

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