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  • jkprice Jul 12, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    Online schooling is still in its early stages.

    Wait till all those illegals get legal. The Dems will pour ungodly amounts of money into their pockets for education. And those institutions that offer training in the same fields that the illegals now work in most will make major bank off of it. Anything to do with food prep. Construction, auto mechanics, car body work, commercial cleaning services, etc. So do some DD and find the schools strong in these services. Those are the ones that will reap big time .

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    • I understand your thoughts on how the demographics might drive future enrollments however it's clear this administration will hold folks accountable through a variety of measures so unless the student loans lead to gainful employment figures, those institutions won't be able to grow. This won't be as easy as throwing money at it and watching it grow. That's what happened during the infancy of this for-profit, post-secondary industry and now we've seen what happens when the government cracks down on shoddy providers.

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      • jkprice Jul 15, 2013 5:15 PM Flag

        golfer, I agree. Way too many people get 'ropped' into these schools who shouldn't even be there. All because the schools are doing a poor job on signing the right people up. All too often people who are just not bright enough to tackle the chosen field are told by the administrations that they will graduate and find a great job. Only to find out that with one of these diplomas most businesses shun them for people who have gone to a 'fixed' college. I mean, what employer is going to put an person from Devry into the same room with people from Cal or Stanford?

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