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  • michael_sw62 michael_sw62 May 16, 1999 12:09 PM Flag

    If you really want some excitement, I

    came across the following while wandering the
    message boards this past week and these two very exciting
    companies are from two of Pickle's suggestions. Pickle
    suggested a look at BFCI (Braun's Fashions Corporation) and
    ACMR (A. C. Moore, Inc) both trading on NASDAQ under
    the symbols noted.

    I did my own Due Diligence
    and liked what I saw, like yourself and bought in at
    8 and then paid a little less a few days later. At
    current prices, I've got an almost 50 % gain and it's in
    less than 3 months and according to all the stats I
    read on BFCI, I still consider it very "undiscovered"
    and look for BFCI to go through it's peak of last
    year of 14 3/8 and move up to the 16's for a minimum.
    At 16, with $ 1.50 expected in earnings for this
    year, and with BFCI opening 30 new stores in this
    current fiscal year, I consider it only "fairly" valued
    at 16. BFCI has a website which is:

    In all my years in buying stocks, I've found that
    Wall Street always works in excess. When a stock
    should get punished for a poor performance, it's always
    punished more than it should be. And conversely, when a
    stock should ride the crest of euphoria, it always
    moves up further than it should. If BFCI comes under
    this very common Wall Street "spell," it's entirely
    possible for it to penetrate the 16's on the upside and
    move to ? It's then and only then that I'll decide to
    leave this "ship" and look for another "ferry" for my
    investment $$$.

    BFCI has $ 10 M in cash which amounts
    to $ 2.05 cash in every share. Long term debt is
    down to $ 200 K. Their Current ratio is 3.23 to 1,
    excellent for a retailer.

    Meanwhile, at 11 3/4, BFCI
    is still very much a bargain and yet to be
    discovered by the searching eyes of Wall Street uncovering

    Pickle also recently showed me A. C. Moore, Inc. (ACMR)
    on NASDAQ and called my attention to the June issue
    of Worth Magazine in which MIKE (Michael's Stores)
    was noted as one of 7 value oriented stocks to invest
    in today for uncommon growth. ACMR is one of MIKE's
    competitors in this vast fast growing $ 11 B Arts and Crafts
    Industry. With MIKE having a PE ratio in excess of 18, if
    you just apply a price to ACMR based on 75 % of
    MIKE's PE, you will see ACMR selling in the low 9's and
    if MIKE continues it's upward path, ACMR will be
    dragged even higher. Analysts project $ .69 for ACMR this
    current fiscal, up from last year's $ .51. ACMR was a B.
    T. Alex Brown new issue at 14 less than 2 years ago
    and has already traded at 19 within the past 12
    months. Go to the ACMR website and view their

    Both of these companies, BFCI and ACMR make real
    investment sense and are what I consider undiscovered and
    extremely undervalued.

    Have a great weekend.

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