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  • patches_lee64 patches_lee64 Dec 28, 2012 12:04 PM Flag

    Last time this low

    The last time BPT was at 65 was January 2010. Also high above $129 in April 2012, so has dropped 50% since than. The volume has been fairly high the last 6-months at +200K , and must be more sellers than buyers. This stock has been good for me since 1995 (in 8-14 range), and I thought this was crazy when went above $100.
    IMO, BPT should be a safe bet in the 60-90 range for several more years. And the 10% yield will bring back interest in 2013. Sorry for people like me that are holding, but I do not plan to sell but to reinvest dist. and wait until BPT rebounds.


    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Hi and thank you for the post. I don't know what to do..I bought this at $110 and I can't believe it has fallen this much. You suggest re invest dividends to lower my average? When is next dividend? Thank you.. A.B.

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      • Mr AB
        One should consider selling or I should say washing to capture your loss. Next I would look at your investment acume, selling for a small loss is not a sin. Next, adding to your position to lower your per share value is not a good strategy. One needs a reason to buy and to sell, buying to lower your share cost in it's self is not a good strategy. Also, without knowing what percentage of your investment is in BPT, I would not advise increasing your position, concentration of risk is not a good thing.

      • Though I'm not in this stock yet, I feel what you are felling. You made a mistake (not a big deal. that's a part of stock play) for buying high, you'll make a even bigger mistake if you sell at this low price. If you have some cash at hand, buy more. This stock will not go the zero (it's an oil trust, something real). I followed it for a while, and believe the bottom is near. I entered an order at 65. Hope I can get it.


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