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  • nativeamerican127 nativeamerican127 Mar 6, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    If I were as negative on BPT as Lizahuang is

    I'd simply sell it. Do yourself a favor and get out now. Why torture yourself and us by being long 3 or 4 years when all you do is post about every horrible scenario that might happen. Just take the loss, it's part of investing.

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    • LOL I love seeing people give investing tips to liza in the energy sector. You guys have no idea the years she has spent in the MLP and trust field and spent it here on yahoo finance trying to educate others.

      People like you guys are a dime a dozen. You come in talking emotion and opinion because you have no experience or knowledge of what type of investment you have your money in. You eventually get burned and move on because when a trust drops do to... well it being a trust, you lash out like children instead of trying to learn and improve. BPT, WHX, HGT, and others I have forgotten because it happens so much.

      The only thing that makes worth me coming to yahoo finance is that 1 out of 10 new person who actually takes their investing seriously and stops the "back up the truck" circle jerk you guys love.
      You guys give retail a bad name.

    • What loss? I have a big gain.

    • ever since sino everyone wants to discover the next short and become the next muddy waters, seeking alpha especially, im always amused that thier records in terms of correct predictions are never brought up yet a baseball player has his everywhere he goes, these seeking alpha guys are unbelievably slanted wrong opposed to right calls past 6 months its painful to read thier "blogs" and then there's the ms. huangs of the world, ready to regurgitate what she was just force fed as if she ate it willingly to anyone who will listen, i can only assume im way longer than ms, hunag and just point out that her opinion is as relevant as seeking alphas which is to say, hilariously random,

    • What's the matter, you don't like "The Sarcasm Poster Girl"? LOL!!!

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