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  • gemonge gemonge Apr 25, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Keep in mind this guy wrote in August & since one made 70% on money

    As I did

    the chief case this guys trying to make is that eventually this trust will close

    In the mean time whiting will support the dividend

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    • The chief case this SOB is trying to do is "BASH while SHORTING WHX" while pretending to make and academic study so he won't get in trouble with the SEC for stock manipulation.

    • he made money because he did thorough analysis and because all u longs are dumb

    • I just made a complaint to the SEC about this creep, he doesn't even use a name he just goes by "Fair Value"

      Shorts can manipulate this stock because it is thinly traded, once a negative article or a X-divi day comes about they use either one as a premise to short heavily.

      Fair Value however uses the media to manipulate, If you are as ticked off as me go to the SEC to make a complaint use SEC.Gov/complaint.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • And one has to wonder how much credibility should be afforded to someone who doesn't have the courage to use his real name.

        Herb Greenberg, once of MarketWatch and now of CNBC, was famed for writing "hit pieces" based upon rumor mostly. He was right about NFI, but you could have hit any subprime mortgage company prior to the crash and been right. Whoop-tee-doo.

        "He" (assuming the "lovely" picture he provides is true), does at least disclose that he is short. Ultimately Seeking Alpha is your back target, as they make the "disclosure" inobvious, as it is in a faint font.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • They will laugh at you. Does the SEC forbid telling the truth?
        The writer was stating fact.
        And even if it were not fact, you saw in the last year that for this trust one negative article could cut the price in half. So why would you invest in something knowing it could be cut in half by one negative article for which you cannot predict the timing? Fool to invest in this even if you did not understand the reasons.

        Writers of articles like that provide a valuable service. The longer the price stays artificially inflated, the more naive investors will be hurt when reality strikes (which it has to within 2 years). You apparently are hoping to inflate a bubble more and more for your own selfish benefit even though many people will be hurt when it pops.

    • Really, what you need to do is disprove the facts as he outlined or accept that the stock value is way over valued. Short, long, makes no differences if the facts are what they are.

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      • It is kind of like trading the high flyer CRM or AMZN, . The gamble is that those who are invested in inflated value have to defend their position and cause confusion to keep the game going, hoping that there are a few thousand more suckers out there willing to buy you out on the hope that overvalue will keep increasing. But here there is a guarantee: it will go to zero in two years.

        It takes too much energy to fight that game when there are so many better risks out there.

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