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  • rmpedi33 rmpedi33 Jun 25, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    It's time

    Long 7,000 from $3.90. I will be buying on the way down. Fair NAV is most likely around $3.50. I think this will bottom and begin to trend up by 2nd week of July. Looking forward to a nice run into the divi. If it doesn't happen, I'll take my small loss. Good risk/reward if it behaves anything like it has the past two quarters. Good luck

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    • With over 10% of the company's share flote being shorted, it looks to me like todays trading might be a forewarning of a short squeeze

    • I'm wondering if this is considered "investing" or "gambling" and am curious what people's definition of the two are.

    • Whats going on?

    • "Long 7,000 from $3.90. I will be buying on the way down. Fair NAV is most likely around $3.50."
      There should be laws against people like you managing your own money.

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      • rhianni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's up my man? How we doing over there. Prob not the best time to tell you that I'm long a bunch from just over $3.60. Got out of some round here @ $4.00 to lock in some profits. Have August $2.50 options from $1.00 as well. Oh rhianni......don't confuse trading and investing my friend.

      • have you not played this stock the past yr and a half? I was long 15k shares from $5.50 when it ran to $9 last quarter. Oh, and I bought Puts and made 200% after Seeking Alpha article created the washout. Need I tell you how much I bought on that panic before it ran into the May Divi? April 30th purchase made me another $20k in short order and I was out before it traded ex-div. Here's the thing, I'm a professional trader. I made $800k last yr, how'd you do? Trading is about risk-reward. If there is no divi run for me to get out to I'll lose my $5k and be done with it. If it does what I think it does I'll make multiples of that. Come on now. We all know it's irrational but the pattern has held in previous quarters. The question now is if Seeking Alpha has woken up enough people. Am i not supposed to take advantage of stupid people that see a 40% plus dividend and run it up to irrational levels? I suppose I shouldn't profit off the same thing in GNI because it's real NAV is about $40. Markets are not efficient. There are plenty of opportunities out there. Let's see if this trades above $4.50 again before the August Div. I'm guessing it does. That is all

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