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  • rmpedi33 rmpedi33 Jul 24, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    June 25 It's Time revisited

    I hope everyone was with me on the long entry below $3.90. RHIANNI said I was an idiot. Now he wants you to buy it all above $5. Love the guy. Guess the last 50k or so I bought around $3.50 was wrong. Oh well, I'll try to get it right and make a quarter million next Q.

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    • Forget all the millarky. Lets find the guy who was buying at $9.00 and convince him to do it again.

    • rmped ... Mercy, if you made some money off trading whx below $4 good for you, that was a good trade, but why beat up on these other folks. How many shares did you get for $3.30? My point is you could have made a better trade at 3.30, but you have still made a very nice trade above 3.30, but don't hammer on someone else on this board. Impart your knowledge so we can learn, and take it easy on other folks on the board. Regards

    • What I want is for investors to learn what they are investing in and that WHX is a terrible long term investment.

      Short term trading? This thing is extremely volatile and traders can make lots of money with it no doubt.
      I'm glad you made money rmpedi33. Seriously.
      That doesnt change what I said about 1 of your posts nearly a month ago that you cant seem to let go on and continue to get confused over.

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      • If people don't know this is a terrible LT investment by now I don't think they ever will

      • The fact is that most people (fav_for_08 included) are going to lose money on this from here on.
        There will be trading gains and losses as the price fluctuates, so people playing that think they are smarter than the professional traders and risking getting clobbered by an unpredictably-timed article. However, the trading approach, is understandable, if risky.

        Those, like fav_for_08 though who think they can get back prior losses by "collecting 2 more distributions" still haven't understood why they lost money the first time. He is going to lose money again (albeit not as much as the first time because it is less overvalued now than it was then, however still overvalued). He thinks he can collect distributions without losing on the unit price - well the price is going to have a mini-collapse on ex-date by at least as much as the distribution. And he suggested buying puts to avoid that downside. But the puts would cost him more than those distributions he hopes to collect. Because the future trajectory for this issue is so well understood by the whole market, there is no way to make money this way now. fav_for_08 is just going to increase his losses, because he still doesn't understand this issue, even after losing money the first time.

    • I never called you an idiot. I never even said the trade was a bad trade as far as what the PPS was going to do.

      You thought it was going to $3.50 then it would turn around. You bought at $4.
      You are so quick to pump your chest about what a great trade it is that if you followed your own plan you would have made more.
      The amount of shares and amount of dollars does not change that.
      Your obsession over me is getting out of hand.

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