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  • aceswildest aceswildest Apr 28, 2003 8:40 PM Flag

    'jpinst' Joins The LIBEL/SLANDER Club:

    jpinst published this statement, here on Yahoo!:

    <<<The simple answer is that management does not care about its shareholders.>>>

    That is 100% slanderous and 100% actionable in US courts. To publish statements to the effect that these specific individuals are not fulfilling the very purpose and goal which is their one and only objective -- to enhance shareholder value -- is to allege and accuse them of criminal misconduct. Your post goes into set of files I keep regarding LIBEL/SLANDER and, along with your formerly-conceded status as a disgruntled former employee, I am inclined to be sure that executive management and UTSI Legal Department, Legal Counsel, are aware that you are publishing these statements.

    I hope you are prepared to stand by your statements and retain legal counsel yourself, if and when UTSI and/or the management prinicpals you have accused decide that had better be able to proof the truth of your accusations and criminal charges in court, otherwise, I suspect yoou pockets are not deep enough to repair the damage you have done them, in view of their potential earnings abilities, as immensely and tremendously successful business executives who, obviously to anyone else, earn and deserve highly respectable salaries.

    As I've pointed out: The CEO of XYBR recently was awarded $450,000 in being libeled by an 'anonymous' poster, such as yourself, and you may wish to examine your Homeowner's Policy to see if it indemnifies you.

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