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  • flipocrat flipocrat Jan 18, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    iTV Spain

    Give us the financial projections you have made on the account for the next three years, and if you don't achieve it, resign. Only with that kind of hard information and accountability, will credibility attach to this kind of announcement. History is just to full of poor results for shareholders. JMHO.

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    • Broke a dollar again it run back down. Then the R/S, then bye bye retail holdings.
      Classic. Wish for once I was proven to be wrong in expressing my opinion.

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      • R/S right on schedule, watch for the shareprice to then plunge. ""UTStarcom's Board of Directors believes that implementing a reverse share split is likely to improve the marketability and liquidity of UTStarcom's ordinary shares". Really? What would improve the ordinary shares would be a company that makes money the old fashion way.....through hard work, innovation, and competent management. The R/S accomplishes none of that. What is the underlying value that will hold off the shorts when this goes to $3? To me, this is just another gimmick me, that will end up washing out retail holders. We will soon find out.


    • they moved the headquarters to China to catch Chinese booming IPTV and three convergence markets. It ended up nothing in China but all sorts of tiny and mysterious IPTV projects all over the middle of no-where places, split its IPTV business from the company.

      What the fxxx this company is doing?????????

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      • Frankie, I don't know either, but whatever they are up to, retail shareholders will probably not be a priority, if past performance is any indicator and that is really what we have to go on. Worst case scenario, the price continues its decline, R/S is declared, general shareholders get washed out by shorts, insiders grant themselves new subscription rights, then redirect the company's purpose to making new use of the cash that is left. Alternatively, they may be sitting on a pile of new orders in China (of what, one wonders) that will soon be announced, the shareprice will soar, and dividends be paid out. Take your choice, folks. Its anybody's guess. Just my humble opinion.

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