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  • jpinst jpinst Jul 31, 2000 6:29 PM Flag

    I'm here and watching...

    Anything that makes UTSI stock go up is good,
    right? I would like to see the stock hit 40+ again. If
    that were to happen, there would be an awful lot of
    happy people, right?

    I am not here to "talk up"
    or "talk down" any stock. I am more interested in
    duscussing what this news means.

    Yes I was worried
    about earnings, but I am not surprised they were there.
    I am surprised that they were as good as

    Now to the "however" part. I can hear the swords
    being drawn already...We all knew that the MII decision
    was not going to affect this quarter's earnings,
    correct? The decision was only a matter of weeks ago. Even
    UTSI said it would not hurt this quarter's earnnings.
    If there is a probelem cuased by tthe MII decision,
    it will likely show up during the next two

    You can also see how reliant UTSI is on PAS. 75% is
    no joke, and is the bulk of the company's earnings.
    A significant drop in PAS sales would be
    devastating. All I kept hearing was how great PHS is and how
    its so much better than GSM. Now, why the forray into
    GSM? I believe it is the result of a reevaluation of
    the current position the company is in. If thay can
    not sell PHS they are screwed, right? I believed that
    enetering the GSM market is all about covering their ass
    after getting the message that the PRC government
    dislikes PHS.

    This may be good, becuase China
    already has an established GSM network. The only problem
    is that the telecom giants have been sellling GSM in
    China for almost 15 years now. They are entrenched and
    have divided the country up into exclusive areas or
    markets which they alone control. This may change some
    after WTO entry. Getting into GSM at this point is
    going to be a hard sell, and I am not sure UTSI can
    offer a better deal than the big three.

    UTSI is not used to competing with the big three
    telecom giants. This was never their mission---they sold
    their products in the past in markets in which the big
    three were not interested at all. In addittion, there
    is already a wealth of Chinese domestic companies
    that manufacture GSM hardware. We will have to wait
    and see, for only the makrket can tell.

    big question is why did they wait until now to eneter
    the GSM market? Are they admitting gross errors on
    their part on evaluating the Chinese

    They need to make this transition this quarter if they
    want to keep up the momentum. That means they need to
    start moving product soon. One thing that I will almost
    gaurantee is that you will see PHS revenues drop off
    significantly during the next two quarters. I am not going to
    argue this pooint with you if you do not understand the
    actions of the Chinese government regarding

    The bottom line is that we hope the stock goes up.
    The only thing that matters is how the MM's interpret
    this data. If they see a problem in the message, then
    its not going anywhere. Last I checked, UTSI was up
    1/16 in after hours. Then again, I remeber the time it
    droped 15+ in after hours. Lets see what happens.
    However, I am still not convinced this will skyrocket, nor
    that the days of worrying are over

    One more note Xtacitly, I can assure you that I have
    more education than you can ever hope to have. I am
    not talking about a masters degree either. Unless you
    have 5 University diplomas, inlcuding a masters and
    and JD, then it is you the one who should be
    criticized for being so ignorant. However, I would never
    stoop so low as to compare myself to you....

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    • about the internet and message boards, isn't it?
      You can be whatever you want to be, who really knows.
      Stop wasting your time touting yourself and your
      credentials. Nobody believes you anyway. We do know, however,
      that by your own admission we really can't believe
      anything you say because according to you only a fool
      would divulge their true position. We also know that
      you can't spell. And that you claim to be losing
      money even though you had the opportunity to make a
      bundle (so much for all your brains). Make any claim you
      want, it means nothing in the fantasy world of
      cyberspace. You will be regarded only by the merits of what
      you post, that's it. Take a look around, you are not
      highly regarded based on that.

    • see that in regards to this

      "Now to the "however" part. I can hear the swords
      being drawn already...We all knew that the MII decision
      was not going to affect this quarter's earnings,
      correct? The decision was only a matter of weeks ago. Even
      UTSI said it would not hurt this quarter's earnnings.
      If there is a probelem cuased by tthe MII decision,
      it will likely show up during the next two

      The company clearly stated that the decision wouldn't
      affect sales or earnings at all... They said that the
      halt wouldn't hurt them "at all."

      If anything,
      they even upped PAS revenue projections for next year.
      Visibilty was good per the company.

      The company is
      diversifying into GSM and WCDMA, etc.. making sure they have
      products for all technologies... much better than any
      all-eggs-in-one-basket strategy.

      And also if you cared to
      notice... the GSM announcement makes the PAS and GSM
      interchangeable overall. So they both will work.

      • 1 Reply to jharla1
      • GSM is not the latest tech, UTSI has been in
        China nearly a decade, andGSM has been in China around
        15 years. Why now? GSM is popular because it is used
        everywhere and allows countries to leverage economics of
        scale to get really low prices for equipment.

        Are you saying they had an "all your eggs in one
        basket" strategy before?" I am almost certain this new
        strategy came about as a result of the MII decision, and
        you can call me "mud" if it does not hurt PAS
        revenues during eh next couple of quarters.

        has made a habbit of making all infromation
        converning the company look good. This is the right thing to
        do, for a company does not want to make its own share
        price drop further. However, is their spin factually
        correct enough that you can count on it for investment
        purposes. I personally do not believe it is. I do not
        believe in the 100% positive spin/attitude either, and
        the stock price reflects my position.

        Keep in
        mind that despite these GREAT projections, the stock
        price still sits very close to the IPO price, and far
        below the opening day market price. These facts can not
        be discounted.

    • resist to take a weck at it!

      Jpinst, you
      are unhappy because you are a whinny morose bitch in
      nature, has nothing to do with the stock price. You said
      you bought utsi at about 45, then it up to
      50,60,70,80,and 90's. Go back check your posts under jpisnt and
      novaltd, were you happy than? No! You were bitch and
      bashing utsi none stop!

      You are unhappy because
      you are a failure

    • Show us what a MAN you are, start shaking up the
      market with some EARTH SHAKING block trades, big
      nothing! Jpist, he ain't got SHIT that you would want to
      TROUBLE YOURSELF with. I think honestly, Jpinst holds
      more shares than you, and it is YOu who should be
      worried about HIM! Act over - go somewhere else that they
      can be in "AWE" of your MARKETSHAKING POWER!!!!!
      HAHAHAHA Bwahahahaha!!!!

    • 1) I am not in the same boat as you because I
      have locked in profits.

      2) You are the one
      making wild allegations about UTSI so the burden of
      proof rests on you.

      3) I am no stock expert and
      I am no genious, but refer again to point #1 and
      then tell me what you have for brains.


    • to the same stupidity as jpinst? To
      1) Buy at 48 on opening day and then
      watch it go
      to 93 and take nothing off the table.
      2) Not
      average down when it goes to it's lows.
      3) Sell off
      1/4 of position near it's lows. Then watch it as it
      nearly doubles again from there.

      4) Cry
      management is to blame because not making any

      Any takers?

    • is quite amusing that certain people call me
      names for buying long on UTSI on opening day. I keep
      hearing that I should have done my research and that I do
      not know how to invest. Well I have news for you, I
      have plenty of company here. That is to say, I do not
      feel alone.

    • waiting to find out what kind of car you have. Is
      there a boat or anything else I am going to get too? A
      mansion perhaps? I can not wait until you trip over you
      feet in this fit of trage your contend to have cast
      down on me.

      I know well the limits of the law,
      and would like to see you exceed them with your
      continued threats against me. Once you act, there is no
      turing back, but then again, I doubt you are that smart.
      You have no legal recourse whatsoever against an
      unstatisfied investor on a Yahoo message baord. However, if
      you want waste $300 to have a good lawyer explain the
      same thing to you, then be my guest. We need the
      money, and people like you keep us going.

      Now go
      take on the day..........

    • position this morning. It looks like 23 is a short term support.

    • Just like you wrote yesterday, that's the great
      thing about the can say anything or be
      anybody you want to. Now, let's get back to the "i'm so
      loyal to UTSI that I let Hong Lu ram my ass daily
      xtacticly......" that's the guy who probably watched UTSI break
      through 30 and then go back down to 23. You keep saying
      you are long, what is going on man? You sold? I
      thought it was going to 100+?

      Anyway, how much
      could you have made realisticly, a couple grand or are
      you going to tell me that you're like Odin and
      invested $10 million and 6 points to you was hundreds of
      thousands of dollars? Sure I believe you.

      Say, did I
      tell you guys that yesterday I was in a Mexican
      resturant and I saw Saddam Hussein? He was wearing a cowboy
      hat, so I do not think anybody recognized him, but I
      did. I swear it happend, really.....ha ha ha you big
      dumb ass.

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