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  • arbtrdr arbtrdr Nov 15, 2006 3:24 PM Flag

    factoids/chart and other comments

    Like chart and factoids I own a big chuck of my portfolio in MLPs. I simply buy and hold unless the fundamentals of the company change. My portfolio looks much like the others with my oldest and far largest holding EPD going back to LEV days in 1995 or 1996. From largest to smallest in $ value I hold - EPD, MWE, OKS, ETP, APL, BWP, PAA, MMP, TCLP, MGG. Looking to aqdd another GP - possibly ETE or EPE. Hold about 40% of my portfolio in MLPs and generally put distributions back into MLPs (not necessarily into same MLPs except EPD where you get a 5% discount on reinvestment).

    Agree that the democrats will be looking at tax changes but agree that little will happen because it takes 60 Senate votes to make anything happen. The end of 2009 will be interesting with people trying to lock in 15% LTCG rates. I anticipate selling most of my regular stocks and bebuying late in 2009. Changing the MLP structure mostl ikely not to happen. Way to small with possible tax of only a couple $B and much of the income now on sale is ordinary income rates anyway.

    One interesting arena to look at is CanRoys. For disclosure I am long on BTE. They have rcently been destroyed by a proposial to tax them as regular corps. This would destroy most investment in marginal oil/gas in canada. Very undecided if thier Parliament will pass proposial. Passing would then open most CanRoys to buyout offers. If proposial fails then the prices will go up some 35%. I have no prediction as to what will happen, only feel that most if not all the bad news is already priced in.

    Best to all. ARB

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