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  • scarleyq scarleyq Feb 26, 2008 3:18 PM Flag

    What the @#$% happened

    All right--I'll bite: what "other" activities?

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    • Scar, If we tell you......we'd have to kill you. -) No seriously, the most recent 10-q talks about "other activities" as income and I think they are referring to the trading they do. Now thats either going to add a lot to the bottom line as it seems that ETP and its sister ETE have been experiencing some insider buying. But I cant honestly say for sure. On the other hand..."trading" was what sunk Enron in what else..............natural gas futures! But unlike Enron which had massive insider selling, this co., does not. So me, I put a stop trigger under this at around 47.20. I cant get hurt. If it goes under that I will re-enter at a later period again. I guess people would rather invest in the actual gas producers. Cant blame them. UPL,CHK, etc will likely have a much higher income growth than the pipelines. Actually my dream would be to get stopped out, have this plummet to $20 on a one time charge or something and then come roaring back. But ...I feel this puppy, if we use wachovia,s analysis, which seems fair..I feel this stock will be a nice grinder that plods along with no spectacular jumps at anytime. So, why the insider buying? Thats what is interesting. If in 6 months this is not much higher, I may jump into the producers or coal.

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