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  • sbrown101750 sbrown101750 Jul 23, 2011 12:41 PM Flag

    Debt Increase?

    Anyone know how much more debt will be assumed by ETP as a result of the Citrus transaction? Was the recent "negative outlook" by Fitch and S&P a result of added debt expectations?

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    • Around $1.9 Billion, give or take a couple million, depending how many shares they issue and the share price at that time.

      From the 8-k:

      In exchange for the interest in Citrus Corp., SUG will receive approximately $2.0 billion, consisting of $1.895 billion in cash and $105 million of the Partnership's common units, with the value of such common units based on the volume-weighted average trading price for the ten consecutive trading days ending immediately prior to the date that is three trading days prior to the closing date of the Citrus Dropdown.

      With the lowered rating from Fitch, it will cost them more than it would have if they had gotten SUG for the previous price, before Williams interim bid.

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      • Debt assumed would technically mean ETP's share of the debt of Citrus Corp. But when only 50% of that corp is owned by EPT, that debt doesn't every come onto the books of EPT. Citrus's debt, even in LLC or other partnership form, would not be consolidated onto EPT's books. I think 80% ownership is the threshold.

        What you were probably asking is how much new debt would EPT issue to finance the $2 billion acquisition of the 50% interest in Citrus. We don't know for sure. The 8-k doesn't discuss how EPT would raise the $1.895B of cash. They could do it 50-50 debt and equity. Wouldn't that be most prudent? Because SUIG would lnly take $105 million of EPT units doesn't mean that EPT will only issue $105 million in new equity.

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