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  • harry_reems_u harry_reems_u Aug 15, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    Cramer thinks it's a disaster

    is that good or bad. He's a clown.

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    • He's a total clown and anyone who follows his advice will certainly regret it -- I know I do/did. This moron is a loud mouth, blow hard that should be in jail for his irresponsible actions.

    • A disaster for Cramer. His timeline is apparently fixed and rather short. At least we know that ETP is not overpriced at this level.

    • I guess he just means that it's dropped alot, but
      haven't alot of stocks in that sector. It doesn't
      seem to be dropping anymore, just staying in a
      trading range. I'm trying to trade it and make a
      few hundred a day. I thought it would have hit 44.60
      again but maybe tomorrow.

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      • He was pushing this stock as a buy for long time, one of his best of breed. I have always wondered what his success rate is. I know his show is strictly entertainment, he makes mega bucks for his antics

      • A lot of sturm and drang here with respect to price/yield. FYI, from the perspective of an old f*rt, (I was not always one and have lost hundreds of thousands in the market) my situation after 2.25 years hold is as follows. Bought cost is $23890. Current value is $21950. Capital loss = $1,940. Distributions $4,023. Net gain is $2,083. About 8% over 2.25 years or 4% annually roughly. At 62 I may be older than a lot of you and investing more conservatively, but for my purposes this works fine. That's why the old white hairs buy these MLP's. FYI cash is getting 1.6% for a five year CD annualized at the credit union today. No downside risk though. No upside either. Unless the world goes to hell in a hand basket (which it might) I will never sell. If 4% is not to your liking, you should day trade some 3X ETF's. Plenty out there to provide the roller coaster thrill daily. Win some, lose some.

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