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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Aug 20, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha Weasel attack !!!

    It seems there is a den of blood sucking weasels at SeekingAlpha that earn there living attacking small MLP'S. Small MLP's are a easy target because they are run differently than other public businesses. Last month another of my MLP's was attacked,STON PPS went from $28+ to $22 for no good reason. STON owns some cemeteries ,they have a different set of rules for bookkeeping. They published attack articles with the disclaimer "i dont have a position on this stock". Complete BS, people dont do a lot of work for free and neither do weasels.

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    • mr.phil-

      seeking alpha and motley fool articles are written by ordinary people who ofter have an ax to grind. some are very insightful and others are pure garbage. looking at the authors and their rationale is all you can do to interpret the articles.

      the article you referred to about STON was basically OK and is nothing new. STON has a history of accounting issues and indeed has a difficult path in trying to figure out when to accrue income on prepaid death contracts. the variables there are huge. the author did not agree with STONs accounting practices and he is not alone, but the issue is nothing new.

      FWIW, a bigger issue with STON is its huge PA income and the recent activity of PA to collect income tax from STON holders reporting as little as a couple hundred $$ in PA income. that alone is enough to get me to not own STON when there are other MLPs w/o accounting or taxation issues.

      Last, why did you post this here?


    • Interesting you bring it up. I sold all my ETP to buy STON last week. STON should bounce to 26 when the bear raid is exposed. I held ETP for a wopping dollar gain. Wish I sold at 51 during the rare push ETP had a few months ago.

    • I agree fully. i believe that everyone who sees analysts as the parasitic infection that they are can resist clicking on thier blogs, statements, reports, whatevers. when they are no longer acknowledged they become vestigial.

    • I also notice that SeekingAlpha gushes over KMP. A article last night said to buy KMP no matter what the cost. He also did not have a position. O ka dokie !!

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