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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Sep 19, 2012 10:00 PM Flag

    Why would you buy ETP?

    Answer is You buy it for a long term investment.
    If your looking for short term gains this is not the stock so quit your biotching and whining. If you don't have any money left to dollar cost average well it's your fault. Long term this is a screaming buy and is why S&P has a $53.00 tag on it.

    So to you biotches and whiners do yourself a favor and move on!

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    • Go #$%$ yourself. SUN owners are strapped to this crap until the sale is complete. I own SUN at 48.60 so there is little chance of getting even and I wouldn't own ETP on a bet. It's just plain garbage. I'm not whining...I'm calling a spade a spade. ETP=trash. If you want to be a bg holder of this crap go ahead.

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      • Well if you had any sense you would have sold SUN on the pop. But no you chose to be a DA and stuck with it while the rest of the sector went down in price. You should be so happy that an acquiring company bought your POS SUN because $38.00 was about the top before this great company ETP snatched it up. Now the only thing you have to worry about is when ETP sell the Sunoco stations off if you will still have your job working as a cashier. So you can go $#@! yourself and leave the real company ETP to finish off the merger and sell the #$%$ off that came along with the package.

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