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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 25, 2012 9:37 PM Flag

    time to dump ETP

    CRAMER has abandoned you
    God has abandoned you.
    S.A. those pos are puppets
    Motley Fool can't keep track of their records.
    It is time to dump ETP! as fast as you can and not look back.

    Go get some XOM or Chevron or BP.

    Send Cramer some rope and black hood ask him to use it on his show!! :)

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    • When the stock was at $51, that advice would have been good. However, it seems to me buying is the right approach to ETP. I can think of at least one example (and I'm sure there are countless others) where buying low has made people small fortunes.

      A couple of years ago NVDA (Nvidia) was the worst performing stock in the S&P 500. The following year it rebounded and was one of the best performing stocks. If you bought at the low, you made more than 100% on your original investment.

      While ETP won't appreciate 100% in a year, it's poised to move from the doghouse to the penthouse. I believe that's true regardless of who is elected. Obama wants fossil-fuel based energy prices to rise--should that occur, so will the tolls. Romney wants increased fossil-fuel production which, again, should lead to more traffic.

    • Do you have something meaningful to say about EPD? Was not aware of either Cramer or Motley Fool as being what one would call astute market makers. ETP corporate structure CLEARLY show in last presentation on their corporate website. With SXL $$ coming in from both GP cut (about $75M last year) and 35% of unit distributions along with TX distribution projects either on line or coming on line this quarter why the tirade? Fact is ETP debt is still investment grade! You get paid over 8% to wait another 6-9 months.

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