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  • bbandassoc bbandassoc Nov 13, 2012 5:06 PM Flag

    DRIP Question

    I am new to this DRIP concept. Is taking advantage of the DRIP as simple as opting to reinvest dividends at my broker on ETP? If so, are there any restrictions to when one must make this election for it to go into effect for a given distribution, or when you can sell the underlying shares? Thanks.

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    • you shouldn't invest in the DRIP, in earnest. it is actually a terrible idea..the best thing to do is to pile up the cash and buy another ticker so you are diversified. every ticker is suspect since all the brokerage houses are under one umbrella of greed, at least this way you have diversfication on going always.

      trust me, the crap the media or simpletons spit out only works in a industry that is not corrupt and this industry is full of corruptions, cheats and liars..see Jon Corozine, LIBOR and the SEC.

      don't live in a fairy tail with these other naives and don't let the DB tell you otherwise! F THEM.

    • If your broker is Fidelity or Ameritrade, a drip election is automatically in the discount plan.

      As of the previous distribution (Aug), if your Broker is Etrade or Vanguard, your drip shares are purchased in the open market on the pay date or the day after the pay date. No discount. At Schwab, it appears you have to make a phone call to get the discount.

      At Fidelity or Ameritrade, you can drip or not on a quarter by quarter basis, providing you make or change your election before the record date (considering the internal time lag for the change to take effect). Once you elect in or out, that election sticks until you change it.

      You can sell your drip shares at any time, but you must wait for the drip shares to be posted to your account in order to select them for the tax lot sold.

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