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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Oct 23, 2013 8:15 AM Flag

    ETP Finally Raises Distribution

    Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. and Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. today announced that the Board of Directors of each Partnership has approved a quarterly distribution increase for the quarter ended September 30, 2013.

    ETP's Board of Directors has approved an increase in its quarterly distribution to $0.905 per unit ($3.62 annualized) on ETP common units for the quarter ended September 30, 2013. The quarterly distribution of
    $0.905 represents an increase of $0.045 per common unit on an annualized basis.

    The cash distribution will be paid on November 14, 2013 to unitholders of record as of the close of business on November 4, 2013.

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    • 3 THUMBS UP? for what? wiating 4 1/2 years to get a an ANNUAL $0.045 distribution increase? hahahaha!!

      you must think people are idiots? I wouldn't be buying anymore of this until they actually give a healthy increase in the distribution, not sure about you but a $0.01 increase in the quarertly amounts to a smack across the face!!

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      • Really, you should get a clue.

        Yes, the shareholders did not get distribution increases, but the company has been totally transformed.

        Propane distribution? Really? That is well on the way to being monetized.
        Intrastate gas pipeline within Texas? There's no volatility-based profit left in that business.

        This company now has multiple legs of the stool with which to expand.

        If you like ETE better you should just buy that.


      • I'm not gonna leave this alone.... could you show me how 4 X .01= .045

        Who is the idiot...

        The guy who struggles with 4th grade math and simple 3rd grade reading comprehension or the rest of us?

        & BTW is it a crack pipe or a needle your intoxicant of choice?.... because anyone who thinks ETP or any other MLP is influenced by or needs the buying power of any yahoo message board poster is clearly on something

    • just think only 4 yrs and 359 days till the next divvy raise

    • So did RGP, and CMLP.

      If raising $0.02 per year brings a $2 gain in share price, they should do that more often.

    • Yes it is a good sign that they actually raised it but really? Are people happy with a measily 1.23% increase in dividend?

    • I think that which is going uncommented on is that the raise was 1 1/8 cent Q and they implied the increase would be 1 1/8 moving forward

      Might not seem like much but it amounts to 11.75 cents being paid to unitholders instead of 10 cents if the increase was just a cent which is 17.5% more and as we all know MLPs are valued by distribution growth increases its pretty huge

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      • eagles & B&W - Excited is not the term I think anyone has used except YOU! ETP has gotten their act together and is raising thier distribution. Those of us that bought last fall have a yield of 8.8%. Those that bought ETE a yield about 4%. FWIW I hold both, but ETP still has a yield about 4% higher and one would need to hold ETE for almost 10 years for the cumulative distribution yield to get up to where ETP is today. Also ETE is only as good as ETP since that is its largest holding and contributor.

        I get the benefits but am more than happy to hold my ETP with a yield of about 8.8% on my cost and a distribution that will go up over time. I also hold a position (smaller) in ETE. I am a holder not a trader and thus will hold my ETE otherwise I would be selling as ETE today is a bit overpriced. Last, MWE while it has excellent prospects for the future (and is my #2 holding) has gone to raising by only .01 which is about exactly the same % as ETP. Lets stop bashing ETP and see how they go in the next year. A .01125 or .015 increase per quarter would put them on a par with most of the other large MLPs.

        PS - Did you miss the fact that OKS only increased by .005?

      • I find it interesting that ETP raised their distribution 1 1/8 cents and everybody is excited and they bid the ETP units up over $0.30 and at the same time ETE raised their distribution 1 3/4 cents and the units are down a few cents.. ETE benefits from the ETP distribution increase they receive additional monies from ETP because of the IDR's they own. It comes to an additional $0.005625 for each and every unit that ETP has outstanding which is a lot of millions of units.

        Thats why Kelsey Warren has the bulk of his personal money invested in ETE and not ETP.


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