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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 28, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

    What a JOKE KELCY L. WARREN and Marshall S. McCrea III think you are!!

    Thanks for making the investor wait for how long? The distribution was increased May to August 2008 by $0.035 per qtr. to this past or current qtr. That is 5 YEARS ! These 2 J.O. and their CFO Martin Jr. Salinas Jr. just gave us a quarterly $0.007 (decimal places are correct, go verify) increase for a total of rounding off $0.04 annual? SERIOUSLY?

    My bet is this is how they distribute out to make unwary investors into purchasing the ticker since they think the Chairman and BOD have pushed to increase the dividend!!

    Don't be fooled,

    Suggestion, sell into strength and don't look back.

    Warn other retirees to jump ship this next pps increase if not sooner, the management staff is either poster children for down syndrome?

    Take the $.04 annual increase and shove it.

    Retirees, RUN!!! Tell your friends!! and RUN!!!

    To the idiots who applaud it, put them on ignore they are here to play the game, called STEALING YOUR MONEY.

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table with others. They collude upon the lies collude upon the truth.

    Can't wait to hear these J.O. who respond to this post? They should be ashamed and their parents didn't do a good job in raising a person with integrity.

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    • A few weeks ago I bought some LINE at $24. Looks like that hedge fund wound up on the wrong end of the stick. that's an even better divvy but i kept my ETP as it is a much safer play. I'll bet you're as smart as those hedgies are, right J!

    • Why are you here? You're clearly not an investor nor a trader (at least not for long). Of 19 analytical firms, 3 rate ETP a strong buy, 9 rate it a buy or accumulate and 7 neutral or hold. No one has a sell rating on ETP. So, you are clearly in a minority and I doubt you can show us any evidence that you have expertise on which to base your wild-a* claims. Rather than a shortie, you prattle like a disgruntled ex-employee let go no doubt for cause.

    • if your so upset with ete\etp mgmt why don't you just cash in and move on ? The share price is high enough you should get all your money back plus distributions which compounded at over 7%.

      ohhh wait I know you must be short ete and never imagined that the share price would ever get back to its old highs :) ha ha just another pumper dumper

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      • oh wait you must be an idiot to wait for 15 qtr and then some to get a $0.01 increase in the dividend and you want me to be happy?

        Oh wait the collusion must be stiff with this ticker regarding the BROKERAGE houses? oh wait there is no collusion and record fines aren't being given paid out by the fraction of people who actually do get caught? Duh.

        Come with a better argument then, sell your shares, man up and say yes "Kelcy and company are not doing right by their investors".

    • Can't wait to hear these J.O. who respond to this post?They should be ashamed and their parents didn't do a good job in raising a person with integrity.

      I'll respond and ask how proud your parents are that they raised an ignorant imbicile that can't read....

      ETP said in August that they would be increasing the distribution each Q by at least a cent per Q... They just gave us 1 1/8 cents... and odds are they will be giving that $.01125 every Q moving forward

      That equates to a 12 cent increase on an annual basis...

      I just used the available facts to respond to your imbecilic rhetoric that was filled with distorted incorrect "facts" of your own imagination

    • Guess you think the same about the 5 MLPs who suspended their distributions and are not back up to the prior distribution level or there something like 12 MLPs that have cut their distributions in the last 2 years.

      Your statments are insulting and show that you do not have a clue on how a company that made some truly bad decisions some years agho works to transform itself. Guess you would say that the people at Ford and GM are crooks too. They cut their payout, ETP did not even though they should have.

      You cannot even do the mat correctly - the increase was a bit over .01 per quarter.

      I do understand ignore.

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      • math? hahahha!!

        read slowly and now you know this person's game.

        "The quarterly distribution of $0.905 represents an increase of $0.045 per common unit on an annualized basis."

        less than a NICKEL for the year, while the other MLPS have returned much larger increases, all those press releases and pumps and now "we are doing better than our peers" that is the bar we strive for?

      • Ofcourse GM are crooks, Detorit failed themselves and their investors,the UAW workers failed themselves as well by allowing these morons to price them out of compettion and build an inferior product allowing competition to canablize them.

        When you build linkage to support a 300lb hathcback window out of plastic, the installer, the engineer and management are viloating you, one if not all of them are responsible.

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