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  • alsofleeced alsofleeced Mar 19, 2013 8:16 AM Flag


    From the 10K:
    General and administrative expenses were $12,903,845 in 2012 compared to $2,686,176 in 2011 and $1,778,161 in 2010. The 2012 increase of $10,217,669 when compared to 2011 is due to our change in corporate strategy to add operating capabilities to develop its own operated wells in the Williston Basin. ... Specifically, 2012 expense increased on a year-over-year basis compared to 2011 due to an increase of $8,812,951 related to increase in employee compensation and related expense and an increase of $993,925 related to professional and legal expense. Share-based compensation expenses are included in the employee compensation and related expenses, totaling $7,318,690 in 2012 compared to $728,546 in 2011 and $882,804 in 2010.

    Do they are justifying a 10 MM bump in G&A, of which ~9 MM is comp. of which 7.3 MM is share issuance to management (in a company with a market cap of

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    • Earl/Rich care to comment? Here are some juicy FACTS for you! G&A increased by 10 million dollars of which 9 million of it was more compensation for the managers in a year the co. lost 62 million$ while it has only a marketcap of 180 million$ those are some astouding numbers and facts you got a real winner here!

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      • Yes wife I will comment. As I have posted before, the compensation is shamefull. I haved emailed the company to complain about it, not just complained on these boards. I also stated that all companies do this. I have asked anyone that brings this up to name a company that does not grossly over compensate management. I have yet to see a response to that.

        I'd also like to comment on your name calling, personal attacks and wild accusations, let alone the increasing hostile tone of your posts. It is quite possible that you have become obsessed with this message board. I suggest you contact Dr. Phil. I bet he would love to do a show with you on people that are obsessed with finance message boards and how warped some get on them.

        I will not respond to your posts for the near future until you show you can be rational. You may need help. You lost 98% of your investment in this company and you call me an idiot? Oh Dr. Phil.......