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  • kdddsg kdddsg Mar 4, 2013 2:45 PM Flag


    Wavb now says longs should be fair and balanced like him. This is the same Wavb who bashes and runs and then comes back and says he won’t post anymore any time someone criticizes him. This is the same Wavb who has never provided his reason for posting here. This is the same Wavb, who nearly every time he posts on IV, has to go in and change his original post....check out his posts there and you’ll see what I mean.

    The hypocrite criticizes Rooky for “libeling” the owner of the IV message board. That from Wavb, the same poster, who cannot summon any fairness in seeing the success of Streetlinks. Fair and balanced would require mentioning the miracle of turning a company doing 500 appraisals a month into one doing 50,000 a month. Perhaps also mentioning a virtual start-up company moving to one of the top 4 or 5 appraisal management companies in America in a few short years.

    Instead, the hypocrite simply shrugs that the company probably puts Streetlinks costs onto other subsidiaries to make it look good. Since most of the subs have different partners, it might be criminal to do such a thing. Maybe Wavb ought to be careful about what he says before someone accuses him of libel.

    It is obvious that Studio, Wavb’s biggest basher ally, has been banned from this Board again for abusive posts. But Wavb is representing him well during this latest absence.

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    • Tsk, tsk, very bad juju. I'm going to cut you slack because I know this report was not good and you are very frrustrated.

      Incidentally, I change my posts because I do a lot of DD, even while I'm typing them. I even correct my grammer to be clearer. There are a number of longs over there who deserve a full and careful explanation when I'm posting a criticism. I like the back and forth. And clearly there are some who have benefited from a complete discussion. I see my very own words come back in a number of posts after the fact. I've even seen rooky incorporate info that I pointed out into his own posts. Of course he'll never admit it, but I see it.

      Careful, thoughtful posts. You should try it some time.

      You made a couple of points that I could respond to, but I won't bother unless you want to discuss them rationally and civilly. You have an uncanny knack for getting virtually every single one of my posts wrong. I suppose it's the haze of hatred through which you view them.

      I have little time left though, so if you want a real discussion, you'll have to decide quickly and let me know.

    • Thanks kdddsg......calling wavb a hypocrite & crybaby is being very kind. He and his ILK are common criminals who like Marc Cohodes of the defunct short hedge fund Copper River, libel, slander and distort for profit.

      If he were to tell us the TRUTH why he and his ILK bash Novation and its investors 24/7, he'd be admitting to the GUILT he's been accused of.

      Just the FACT that he's said a dozen or more times he has no interest here and was leaving, yet to return each and every time, SPEAKS VOLUMES.

      Oh, and as for me destroying IV and Ralph Kidds business like he and his ILK have attempted to destroy Novation and me personally.....ask me if I care. Kidd knows what I know, and he isn't going there.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • This post is just plain sad. Rooky, you've got nothing because there IS nothing. You are not going to put the FBI or the SEC on me. You know nothing about Ralph Kidd except that he threw you off of his message boards when he couldn't take the paranoid accusations any longer. Ditto the owner of SI for exactly the same reasons. I even privately advocated for you on SI but he had just plain had it with you.

        The FBI and SEC couldn't be less interested because there is nothing, zero, zilch. You're going to make a fool of yourself reporting me for anything. I haven't heard from any regulator and I never will.

        The last short position i owned was CRD B. It was years ago. I shorted CRD B and went long CRD A as an arbitrage on two securities that were virtually identical but selling at very different prices. Those are the only conditions under which I would ever short. EVER!! I am a Ben Graham value investor. Period.

        The reason I'm here is very, very simple and I've told you a number of times before.

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