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  • tom_rosplock tom_rosplock Jul 5, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    Spoke to a Driver 4th of July

    He was at a Home Depot. Says bizz was GREAT, but he was not Happy. No enough pay for his jobe, no overtime, just not happy. Sounds like they are keeping to a budget, making drivers be responsible for their time sheets. Good to hear!!

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    • I am sure as he was talking to you he was enjoying getting paid time and a half on the 4th. sound like BS story to me.. AG is one of the top paid propane supplyers.

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    • There are other reasons for "no overtime". During slow periods overtime can be prohibited to prevent seasonal layoffs. It is better to have four full time people working 40 hour weeks than to lay one off and have the other three get overtime to complete the deliveries.

    • That's just what I would expect from a greedy investor. The people who do the job get squat while the big shots and investors reap the rewards. A nice message to send to the hard workers who work in the heat and cold to put some food on the table. AmeriGas has never paid very good. I would suggest unions for those who get shorted.They need a hundred million plus to get to budget...It will never happen this year.

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      • Couldn't wait for your comment. I worked hard (sometimes 2-3 different jobs) a week to find my niche of wealth. I don't blame the guy not to be happy. I was not happy with all my jobs, but I was rewarded when I found the right job. Unions are not the answer for hard working people, it is for the lazy who have little or no sellf confidence. Sounds like you believe the government needs to take care of you. Tom T.

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