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  • deep_value_investor deep_value_investor Mar 25, 2013 1:00 AM Flag

    Amerigas customer switching to natural

    Amerigas is a ripoff!!! I recently had Delmarva natural gas run to my house and switched my heating system from propane to natural gas. It was a hassle dealing with Delmarva and the plumbing contractor, but it cut my heating bill by almost $2k this past winter. The conversion to cheap natural gas had about a 18 month payback and that's a great return on any project! Natural gas costs a small fraction of what I was paying for the equivalent amount of propane.

    I pulled out 1 of my 2 100 gal Amerigas propane tanks, but still haven't converted my hot water from propane to natural gas yet. So what does Amerigas do? These #$%$ jack up my delivery charge from about $2.50 or $3 that I was paying to $4 / gallon. After I complain they lower it to $3.50. Seems that if you use less propane they want to charge you more for it depending on what "equipment" you have installed. That is unfair since I am already paying a delivery charge. This ripoff is like if a gasoline station charged you more per gallon if you pulled up in a compact car.

    Needless to say I will soon be converting my hot water to natural gas from propane as well. It will give me great joy to get that F_cken Amerigas tank off my proiperty and be rid of these scam artists.

    Good luck investing in this POS company. You will need it! Cheap natural gas is going to take a big bite out of their business and they deserve it! Go with the future and invest in a natural gas producer like GST.

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    • I doubt that trucked-in propane can ever compete with piped-in natgas. Think of trucked-in water vs water co pipes.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Since you are so dissatisfied with this company, why are you on this board complaining? Surely you don't own any stock in this?

    • Which is why the propane industry is not a favorite of investors. Not a growing industry.

      However, it can still be very profitable. There are vast areas of the USA where natural gas is not, and likely never will be, available.

    • I recently saw Delmarva putting in a new gas line to my neighbor across the street as well. Propane companies should try and become more competitive with alternatives. Instead they try and jack up the prices and think they can hold customers hostage! If homeowners like me are switching, large commercial customers must be looking for ways to switch as well.

      Also their computer systems stink. A few months ago I had them fill one of my 2 tanks so that they could remove one empty more easily. They screwed up the ticket and filled both tanks and had to haul off a full tank. Then they arrived a few days later again on a duplicate ticket to try and fill it again! It's amazing that such a large company has such a fouled up computer system. That was hardly the first time they lost or duplicated a ticket for one of my deliveries.

      Before that I had them on automatic delivery. That turned out to be a real ripoff as they would constantly top off the tanks and charge me delivery fees, haz mat fees and all that #$%$ every week in the winter. Apart from the money saved, it will give me great joy not to have to deal with this company. Who needs the aggravation of bargaining over the price of every gas delivery like you are at a gypsy flea market.

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