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  • data_gatherer data_gatherer Nov 17, 1998 7:40 AM Flag

    Chart data retrieval for APU

    I�m looking for feedback from the APU group about
    a program that helps retrieve stock price data from
    online charts. There is a free demo at and it handles high/low/open/close and generic
    graph types. All comments welcome!

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    • I must have hit a nerve, first of all it was not
      me suggesting that a monoply of the big companies it
      was your message#18, I was just giving my thoughts
      about the fact that there is no way it would ever
      happen. And you are right energyanalyst is usually right
      on the money. I would be willing to bet that when he
      is wrong, he doesn't call you or even care what you
      think, the same as myself.
      This board is not for
      downgrading of anyone or many times facts, just thoughts. You
      may not agree with me that is fine, but don't show
      your true colors by turning it into pissing contest. I
      at least try to disagree with you respectfully and
      by your name LPisMe. Why don't you just get off of
      your high horse and maybe someone would take your
      comments with the respect they are due.
      Oh yea, those
      checks I send, I pray they are not paying your salery.

    • I'm not smart enough to figure this one out,
      either. I'm calling for extra help myself. When I got up
      this morning, I had email. My first thought was,
      "Great! Must be the NPL-APU merger announcement."
      Instead, it was this thing. Of course, they're calling it
      a distribution company. I guess they'll have to
      spend some time finding new things to distribute. The
      possibilities are endless. This thing reminds me of
      Triarc--they're in the beverage business, the fast food business,
      and the propane business. Wow! Look at the great
      result with NPL. Oh well. If you don't sell, all you can
      do is wait and continue to speculate.

    • Somebody help a self described dummy here and
      explain the synergy of a propane company combined with a
      paper products company. I checked EDGAR and UWW isn't
      necessarily cash rich, nor a cash flowing machine-in fact the
      merger looks to help UWW more than UGI to me. Will the
      spin off of the utility division provide a chunk of
      cash? Is that how APU proposed to complete the
      acquisition of NPL-if that rumor is actually true? I don't
      get it! Somebody out there is a lot smarter than me.

    • Try this website They
      have charts, graphics, and other downloadable items
      including research anaylsis on not only this company but
      other top performers as well without the additional
      need of additional plug-ins. Small fee for indept
      subscriber info but well worth the price. Lots of "inside
      assumptions" that are usually close if not on target.

    • Look for a weather driven merger between
      Amerigas, NPL and Ferrellgas. This consolidation would
      bolster all three companies. This re-enginering would
      reduce costs of delivery, staff, training, marketing and
      tank breeding. Rmember Citi-travelers merger? Think

      • 2 Replies to LPisME
      • Your insight, while good on paper is worthless in
        a real world enviorment. (Are you a ex-employee of
        NLP?) While the big picture would make sense to do this
        it would create not only SEC problems with a
        monopoly in a large part of the country. This plus smaller
        companies would start filing unfair pricing suit's the
        followingmorning in just about every market it affects. Second the
        operational standards, business structure, and management
        structure of the companies are too different. Amerigas I do
        not feel would go after the NLP deal, it would be too
        costly for the way they complete acquisitions. Look for
        a deal between National and one of the other top
        companies such as Ferrell, Cornerstone, or Heritage. Don't
        expect action fron Suburban, Amerigas, or Thermogas.

      • Earnings look surprisingly good considering
        weather. Last quarter was below predictions, but first
        quareter should be strong. This is the time to buy and
        benefit over next 6 to 12 months. All indicators from new
        business growth, internal morale and "street sense" look
        good. We have a buy on this one.

        Ignore wild
        talk by insiders suffering from huffing syndrome.
        Ferrellgas is a definite stand alone and NPL is a bird that
        crashed from its nest that even a mother robin wouldn't
        rescue, never mind a competitor.

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