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  • nicole_elan nicole_elan Dec 8, 1999 12:25 PM Flag

    Lowest price in 3 years

    And three years ago at this price at least the trend was upwards.

    If I had some extra money I would buy more of APU. I think it is undervalued.

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    • electric utils

    • with you more. Maybe with the 'services' provided
      you can command 10-15% more but certainly not double.
      And you are right about corporate control. They are
      almost impossible to get to listen to 'local control'
      ideas. They have always continued to try to run their
      various entities from Philly - with the same people that
      control the utility and with the same utility mind-set.
      Makes it rough out there where the rubber meets the
      road. By the way, Who IS in charge of the day to day
      operations and decision making??? If it's someone that can't
      or isn't allowed to make a decision in 24 hrs. APU
      will ALWAYS be behind the competitive curve, and in
      trouble of some sort. Frustrating? Yes. Job threating?
      Not unless they decide to spin you off because they
      simply can't keep up with the timely and necessary
      decisions that MUST be made.

      Propane is a great
      thing and a good business, but like any
      GOOD,COMPETITIVE, GROWTH business, it has to be given the ability
      and complete latitude to be MANAGED TO RUN, not
      coddled(like a utility).

    • That target didn't take long. Got called out this morning and missed the up side. (@#(#*&$(@&#(@#*&%(@*&#%(@*#%&(%#&!!!!!!!

    • Alert: Banc of America Starts Amerigas Partners at Strong Buy, $17 Price Target (NYSE:APU)
      (This is a headline-only alert, although it will likely be followed by an article soon)

    • Bank of America has just given APU a Strong Buy rating. Their price target is 17.

    • for the words of encouragement. AmeriGas is going
      to have to learn to compete on a local level. You
      cannot set a price nationwide just because your margin
      has to be met. I have competitors who have an intro
      price of 49 cents a gallon, and their regular price is
      69 cents while we are almost double that. You can
      preach service all you want to, but when you have a
      price difference 60 cents a gallon, that message falls
      on deaf ears. You also have to have experienced
      employees, not just trained, but experienced, in order to
      give good service. None of the propane companys are
      retaining employees because they will not pay a fair wage.
      Anyone can go to work in a factory and make more money
      than they can in the propane industry, and that is
      what is happening. The company is not taking enough
      time to give new employees basic training either.

    • 1. Thou shalt pay the dividend
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    • I've owned APU for several years and never seen
      anything like this price drop. It did hit 16 or 17 a year
      or so ago. This winter is not much different from
      last so why the dramatic price change? Also, shouldn't
      we see a spurt from Y2K. Do you think the company is
      in real (or any) financial trouble. Thanks for your

    • The drop in all propane MLP's stock is just a
      reflection of the low margin, high cost, warm winter, just
      get in about $10 and watch it go to $30 next winter.
      I bet it has a few bankers worried, can AllStar,
      StarGas, Ferrellgas, etc. make it? probably but it will
      really set them back for a while, they have to buy to
      keep cashflow up.

    • those trucks. I mean, just how thin can it (the
      employee base) get? Transports and delivery trucks have
      got to be driven by somebody and logistics demand
      somebody has to deliver TODAY even if its just a 500
      gallon day. Just because John Q. isn't interested in APU
      doesn't mean it's losing it's customer base, or is it?
      The weather will drive APU. Good service in the lean
      times MUST be a priority so the customers will be there
      when Old Man Winter decides to get tough. The last
      thing APU will do is lay off employees who can deliver,
      unless they decide to shut down operations in some minor
      markets and if its a minor market, what were they doing
      there in the first place.

      So, for today's real
      question. Do we load up and cheapen our investment @ $13
      for a 17% return, or do we wait for it to hit $10 and
      get 22% and really lower our average.

      As far
      as debt service vs. distribution goes - if there is
      only ONE thing that UGI Holding Corp prides itself on
      - its paying their dividends. Over 100 yrs. without
      missing or backing off. They will find the money for Debt
      service. Its just a matter of which pocket they're going
      to get it out of.

      Next, IMHO, let's see where
      it settles off in the next 2 or 3 days, then grab
      some. This is a GREAT buy at this point. I'm just
      sittin' here like an old wolf waiting to see just how fat
      this little hog is gonna get.

      Happy Holidays
      Billy, I've been wrong before, but my gut feeling tells
      me to tell you - don't worry, be happy. Papa

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