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  • ralphbove ralphbove Feb 18, 2013 10:54 AM Flag


    So regardless of the new M&A type ventures -lets looks at core business. Current HBS customers are leaving them at an alarming rate.- Mayo and multiple others. There same based transport volume is declining on the CBS side. They currently dont fly at night unless their programs are night vision goggle certified after the Rockford Il crash. They have increased their CBS bill to almost $30,000. How long do you think the run can last? Decreasing volumes, insurances now refusing to pay the unbelievable rates, and old stand by customers leaving. After making significant $ on this one. Im done and goingthe other way. SHORT.

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    • We’ve obviously seen an abrupt change in our same-based transport flight volume trends, from August 2012 through January 2013 our same-based transport after adjusting for weather cancelation variations increased 4%, from February through April 2013 after adjusting for weather our same-based transport have declined 9%, a 13% shift in just a few short months which suggest that weather also had an affect on call volume, as well as on canceled flights.

      Our hospital-based programs are experiencing similar decline as well, suggesting that pricing variation among programs is not a primary factor in the decline in demand. While we have isolated a small percentage of the decline to increase competition in a couple of markets we have addressed this partially through base consolidation.

      The decrease in net revenue per transport in the first quarter resulted from a steep decrease in percentage of privately-insured patients transported as we had previously announced.
      We received notice that two of our hospital customers will not be renewing with us, one effective May 31st involving just one single base and one effective near the end of the year involving three bases.

    • easy to see coming

    • told ya- even told you what quarter you would see it.

    • Hi Ralph. I cannot seem to find the lawsuit between bc/bs and AIRM in Florida. Can you please provide a link? Thanks very much.

    • Where are you getting your information on Mayo? I called them and they said there ahd not been any change.

    • Interesting name...."Ralph".. The Institutional interest has gone from 91% to 95% since January 1st. I'll stay with the big guys. Oh yeah, They have a majority of night vision equipment.

    • Do you have support for your assertions? I am not challenging you but would like to know how you came across this information.

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      • I put two of them above- If you do your research you can find it. I am in the industry- times are a changing- the customers do not like being run by the 600 lb gorilla and are therefore doing what Mayo and the others are doing and going out on their own. Research the lawsuit with BC/BS in florida- these insurance companies are not going to pay $30,000 anymore to haul a patient and now you have to prove why you needed the aircraft over critical care ground. This is the biggest smoke and mirror show I have seen in awhile. It wont last- I guarentee it. we are seeing it in the industry. Another 2-3 quarters and you will see what I am talking about.

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