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  • thosehayden thosehayden Feb 15, 2003 8:00 PM Flag

    How's everyone doing in the market ?

    I started an investment partnership last year that is doing great. So far year to date(6 weeks) I am 7% ahead of the S&P 500. I have but one problem. I am a lousy salesman, lousy. I put myself to sleep at night reading annual reports, and I know quite a bit the market. I've been a Nasdaq Market Maker for the last 11 years, and over that time I have traded about 2 Billion shares of stock. But I couldn't sell an eskimo a heater. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    By the way LQI is getting down into the interesting range. I'm pretty sure in the next 5 years the company will be sold.

    Whatever happened to Fritch?

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    • I am still a venture capitalist. We,Family and I not counting the dog ,have several billion under management. I don't waste time on stocks, never thought much of them as a source of revenue. The government is the big spender, always was and always will be. Intelligent people know that in order to make money you must have money. Intelligent people also know it is not prudent to give away trade secrets or intellectual property.
      I don't offer market advice like Buffett. I don't need to inflate my ego or validate a gross inferiority complex by posting incessantly on a message board. I still do get a kick out of some of the posts tho, which I have always claimed to be strictly for entertainment value.
      Dale got his butt wiped at APWR. He should stick to horses.

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      • Hi Fred,

        You always find ways to amuse me. My little ol APWR investment keeping you up nights? I just spent more money on Elton John/Billy Joel tickets on the floor in Dallas than I lost on my APWR. This month's dividend check is more than I lost on APWR; but THANKS for thinkin of me!

        Why not mention the SEE-A I bought at $19.75 and jumped out @ $30 in less than 45 days? Or FR I bought @ $26.01 in October or the PKS-B I bought at $11.60 - $11.80 and still collect the dividends on? You know, I picked up some GE @ $22.10 as well and I started buying HAL @ $9.34. So, I appreciate you thinking of me but you go ahead and sleep tight; I'm alright!


      • frich - are these Confederate Dollars?

    • Hi Tom,

      I started a separate account for the benefit of one of our partnerships in October of last year because the yields on cash were just SOOOOO low. I'm up 53.73% not including some dividends that have already been paid out of the account (from $30K to $46,120).

      My personal account (if I'm reading my stock screen correctly) is up 8.4% ($31,300 to $34,000) not including some dividends that have already been paid.