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  • watmewory watmewory Aug 23, 1999 3:37 PM Flag

    I've been in the market

    since the early sixties. Never have I seen a
    stock battered as much as MT in the absence of any
    negative news. I own shares in a number of REITs and
    they're all up today, except MT. Don't tell me the only
    reason for the dip is that REITs are out of favor.

    I think management owes their shareholders an
    explanation. The old saw that "we do not comment on the price
    movement of our stock" should not apply

    Something fishy is going on--my instincts tell me that. I
    still maintain that the price will be in the mid teens
    by the end of the year. So don't get suckered in by
    selling now.

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    • MT_P



    • I agree with you. MT will certainly bounce
      quickly when they have refinancing in place. What I am
      hoping to do is buy when the refinancing looks like a
      good bet (say 75% certain).

      I also want to
      better understand the downside risk in case the refi
      takes much longer than expected. Has anyone had good
      luck talking to MT's investor relations? Do they
      provide timely info?



    • The volume of messages recently, indicates to me,
      upward pressure on MT stock price. However we remain,
      finally, most interested in measurement by bottom line
      results. Directors and Management have promised they will
      unlock shareholder value. This is the standard by which
      we will ultimately judge them.

    • stock, but if you wait until they have refinancing in place (assuming they do work it out) you wont be buying at these prices.

    • I will be reading your posts to help
      when to get back into MT.

      I panic-sold (at a
      loss) my MT shares when it was 8 7/8
      and falling. I
      would like to buy it again on the way up
      when we
      know how MT will cover the Jan 2000 debt

      I believe MT (like most REITs) to be oversold and
      be a good buy at these levels, when debt issues are

      Do you think there is any risk of Chap 11 if they
      unable to refi before Jan 2000? Is there any risk
      common MT dividends could be eliminated

      Thanks Vaalie!

      Best ... Lisa

    • Yup, you've got the right stock, but I believe it
      is far more than just a show.

      Nothing wrong
      with being a yield investor. Looking at MT's 23% div
      is veerrrryyy attractive, even for a growth based
      investor like myself. Even Peter Lynch loved bonds when
      they got over 10% in the 80's.

      You say, "With
      all the stocks out there in the universe I'm trying
      to divine the coincidence." hehehehe...divine


    • life is duller than the trading in MT, thanks for
      sparing us the details, otherwise, I'll listen to
      anything fun or informative.

      By the by, MT is not a
      value play. AN is a value play. I own 1,500 shares of
      AN, and if you buy 50,000 today you won't move the
      price, so please don't think I'm spamming that one.
      Speculative issues, which MT is, at least based on the fact
      that no one can do better than speculate about its
      future at this point, are not classic value plays. No
      one here is even really sure how much this company is
      earning per share. And you can calculate EPS for any
      company; positive, negative or extracted from other data.
      Creative accounting; EBITDA, FFO, etc., only serves to
      obfuscate (my favorite word) the reality of whether a
      company is really earning money or not. Cash flow is a
      great measure of future fantasies for a growing
      company, but mature business entities really should earn
      money and grow through financial strength, not through
      steadily rising debt burden.

    • "Incidentally, if Yahoo "actually enforced the
      'off topic' rule....", NONE of your posts would be
      left in place."

      Then obviously you havent been
      around the MT board very long.

      I've posted many
      links to (at the time) "breaking" news, analyst
      upgrades/downgrades, and the like, as I've found them.

      The only
      'off-topic' posts I've made have been complaints about the
      aforementioned group of inane babblers.

      You wont catch me
      talking about my personal life on a stocks chat board,
      I've been on the net too long to act like some rude

    • you running off with the brains of this outfit.

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